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Reviewed by I_am_RenegadeX 5

The made-for-TV &quot;Flight 93&quot; was on A&amp;E last night, so I watched it having recently been pleasantly impressed by the (similar/same) story of &quot;United 93&quot;, which I rented on DVD just a few weeks ago.<br/><br/>Perhaps my opinion of &quot;Flight&quot; would be different if I had not seen &quot;United&quot; first, but I just didn&#39;t feel the power, emotion and anger that I&#39;d felt while watching &quot;United&quot;. &quot;Flight&quot; felt detached, poorly-acted and strangely &#39;calm&#39;, whereas &quot;United&quot; portrayed well the sense of in-credulousness of the situation as it unfolded and brought back the sick feeling we all had that day when it was realized what was actually going on. The air traffic controllers/airline people on the ground in &quot;Flight&quot; however seemed content to sit there serenely and simply wait for another opportunity to say, &quot;There goes another one&quot;. And when one of the hijacked passengers uses his cell phone to give a sad farewell to his wife, she hangs up without even saying so much as &quot;I love you&quot;.<br/><br/>Perhaps though my main problem with &quot;Flight&quot; is that it merely recreates what (is believed) to have happened, while &quot;United&quot; does the same while reminding us that procedures, organization &amp; interaction on the ground were inexcusably poor, and that there are valuable lessons to be learned from this tragedy. By glossing over that aspect of the fateful day, &quot;Flight 93&quot; falls flat.<br/><br/>So if you&#39;ve seen &quot;United 93&quot; already, don&#39;t waste your time with &quot;Flight 93&quot; - and if you haven&#39;t seen either but are interested in the story, make it &quot;United&quot;.

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Reviewed by b_chocolate_2004 9

I guess I don&#39;t know what I was expecting, but this movie went above and beyond what I thought it was going to be. I am not very good when it comes to actually judging how good or bad a movie is, but I gave this movie a 9 because it absolutely broke my heart. On Sept. 11 2001, I was in high school watching everything happen on TV and I guess I didn&#39;t cry then or at all because I was so shocked and didn&#39;t understand. This movie made me realize how terrible this event really was, and for the first time, I shed tears. This movie was a good movie to give you an idea of what it was really like for those people and what their families went through and what they knew. I am truly sorry that people feel that they need to do this and this movie has made me feel awful, but it did a very good job of making you feel the way you should feel when you think about these types of things.

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Reviewed by Calios 10

This was very well done despite being on a small budget. I was shaking through most of it as I was reliving the experience through the actors and events. The acting and writing was excellent and though the real people surely looked different this movie put faces with the names. The characterizations were done very convincingly and I now want to see photos of the real people to see how well the casting was. I know I will never take for granted my next flight and will be aware of those around me and what they are doing. I found myself wondering during the movie, why hasn&#39;t more been done to avenge this day as I still have a empty feeling that those that would attack our country have not been hurt enough for what happened on this day so that they or their children won&#39;t attack again. There can be no secret of what happens in the end, but it was very interesting how they figured out what the overheard &quot;Let&#39;s roll&quot; quote was for. This movie did make me totally forget everything and I was glued to the television. The &quot;I love you&quot; scenes were nicely done. The movie was not boring, though it could have easily have been. But like the movie &quot;Blackhawk Down&quot; it&#39;s a very powerful emotional movie and seeing it more than once can be exhausting, but it&#39;s a valuable and enlightening movie and needs to be seen by those that can handle it.

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