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Reviewed by Snootz 3

If one looks at the &quot;sparkling&quot; reviews here it will be noticed they were all left within 2 days of one another. Far from being a 9 &amp; 10-star film, this is a plodding, boring, illogical piece of nonsense that makes &quot;straight to DVD&quot; look like an Oscar winner. <br/><br/>Being already aware from the summary that the main character is looking for a cure to the virus... early in the film he is prevented from going outside a building because he &quot;may be exposed&quot;. Yet almost immediately he finds himself in the company of an infected victim, with apparently no concern that she&#39;s exposing him every second he&#39;s with her. It goes downhill from there.<br/><br/>When a film relies on fake reviews to catch attention, that tells us a lot about its quality from the beginning. Be warned: this is a SyFy-quality film that will have you yawning within the first 20 minutes. If you take anything away from it at all... it will be a nice nap.

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Reviewed by fad-38798 2

This is not a sci-fi thriller. It is a tedious, mawkish 2-dimensional linear script mess.<br/><br/>I&#39;m not sure which film garnered the high scoring reviews under the title &#39;Flashburn&#39; but I&#39;m pretty sure it was not the one I watched.<br/><br/>Not sure where to start? The story might have been intriguing for a 15 minute short, woefully inadequate for the 90 minute snoozefest. As it stands, it is repetitive and requires far too much &#39;tell&#39; and not enough &#39;show&#39; to make things move. The plot reversals are amateur at best, and again, repetitive.<br/><br/>Dialogue is strained, and the &#39;computer voice over&#39; both annoying and yes, repetitive. The script itself is basic, not a lot of acting skills required, and most of it is delivered in either excited (and repetitive bursts) or wondering monotone.<br/><br/>Production values are as low as one can get, but they did make good use of what they had, most scenes had plastic sheets and diffuse lighting as the backdrop and the empty run down warehouse did create an atmosphere, just not a very good one.<br/><br/>The acting was good, unfortunately limited by both script and dialogue. The two main actors had good range and delivery, their performances giving a weak film some structure.<br/><br/>On a positive note, for those involved in this film, they can only move onto better things.<br/><br/>Would I recommend this film? Hell no.

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Reviewed by dpraptor 6

This is my 1st review, and I have no associations with anyone related to this film. I thought this movie was OK, the acting was average, although I really like Cameron Richardson. She made staying with this worthwhile. While the story was very slow, and sometimes quite awkward, it was a decent sci fi idea that could have used a lot more action or twists to liven it up. But I really liked the ending, it made the movie worth staying for. I guess people who are not hard core sci fi fans would not like this film as much, but from a story point of view, I do recommend it.

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