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Reviewed by freqeteq 4

The film felt a lot longer than its 90 minute runtime, and not in a good way. The acting was ok by most of the cast, there were a couple of pretty terrible performances though, but the problem for me was that in this drama none of the characters felt like real people, and I put that down not to the acting but to the writing and directing. I suggest you watch the trailer, and if you do watch it you&#39;ll see lots of shots that look like they could be straight out of a commercial for a clothing brand or something with people being filmed in slow motion while posing, this is what a lot of the film is like and it didn&#39;t work for me at all. There&#39;s almost a surreal dreamlike feel to the look of the film that detracts from the story it&#39;s trying to tell, and at the end of the day the story they&#39;re telling is a very simple one, but when none of the characters or the situations they&#39;re in feel real it makes it very hard to care about anything that&#39;s happening to them.<br/><br/>I would not recommend this film as one worth watching and I would not watch another film directed by this directing duo.

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Reviewed by cfitze-66961 10

I&#39;m always looking for a great indie film to balance all of the traditional Hollywood blockbusters and Fishbowl didn&#39;t disappoint. The film was incredibly shot and gripping until the end! A must see!

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Reviewed by dredogg-68587 10

This movie had a crazyyyyy ending. Very impressed and enjoyed it very much!

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