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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7

The Secret Service Agent Alex McGregor (Daryl Hannah) is in charge of the security of President Jonathan Hayes (Gregory Harrison), who is facing problems with a powerful group represented by his vice-president (Ken Camroux) and the entrepreneur and Senator Jack &#39;J.P.&#39; Hunter (Tom Butler) that helped him to win the elections. Alex&#39;s fiancé Grant Coleman (Doug Savant) is a close friend of the president, after saving the life of his daughter Jessica, and he intends to propose Alex. The conspirators leaded by Hunter decide to eliminate President Hayes while in Seattle to inaugurate the cable wire transportation Skytran, and they hire the professional and seductive killer Nina Stahl (Ona Grauer) and her brother and hacker Evan Stahl (Aaron Grain). With part of the Secret Service compromised and serving to the purposes of the Vice-President, Alex faces difficulties to protect the president.<br/><br/>&quot;First Target&quot; is a surprisingly solid thriller made for television that overcame my best expectations. The beginning is exaggerated, with the drill of the agents, but the screenplay develops the characters very well. The gorgeous Daryl Hannah seems to be tailored for this role and has a great performance. My vote is seven.<br/><br/>Title (Brazil): &quot;O Alvo Principal&quot; (&quot;The Main Target&quot;)

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Reviewed by gergen45 10

This is a really good made for TV movie. Daryl Hannah turns in a top rate performance. Direction is excellent. The pacing is fast and I never lost interest during the whole movie. There are good supporting performances all round particularly Peter Fleming as Mcall. This went out on TV3 Ireland January 2006, just the tonic for a dull winter&#39;s Friday night!. I noticed at the end that it was made in Canada. Usually what we get here from Canada is pretty awful but this one is superior in a whole lot of different departments. If it is low budget it never shows. There are lots of clever twists so anybody could be a bad guy! Watch out for this one!

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Reviewed by 8-Foot 7

Gregory Harrison and Doug Savant return as U.S. President and outdoors adventure guide, respectively, in this sequel to &quot;First Daughter&quot; (1999 TV). Daryl Hannah appears as the take-charge head of the President&#39;s Secret Service detail and Savant&#39;s love interest. This time, it&#39;s the president who&#39;s the target of one or maybe more assassins, and again it will be the outdoorsman, not the Secret Service, who facilitates the save. Naturally.<br/><br/>Almost to excess, there is treachery all over the place---the details won&#39;t be divulged here---but then you have to grudgingly admire the reaching. Consequently, dead bodies abound as the action takes off early and proceeds to its suspenseful conclusion. Production values are first rate.<br/><br/>In the end, this potboiler is a better way to kill time than most of its ilk. Let&#39;s hope that our country never faces the situation depicted here.<br/><br/>-----<br/><br/>Watchers of technical details will wonder why a brand new aerial tramway has peeling paint; also, how you can have doors turning into splintered bullet-hole sieves without endangering participants in a Secret Service training exercise.

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