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Reviewed by francoisecath 1

Woahhhh - got this great idea for a film, dude - superbrainy woman who is the brains behind this new energy system which is going to save the world - you can probably already see where this is going - walks away just as things start going wrong so she can be with her horrible stroppy teenage daughter who she hasn't seen for years - cretin boss decides he cant be bothered with safety systems and sets it going at full power where it breaks down immediately and threatens global civilisation - boss goes on TV to say it is all the fault of stupid woman who is the brains etc - what a total crock - YOU WILL NEVER GET THESE TWO HOURS BACK, Don't WASTE YOUR TIME

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Reviewed by ropanz 1

I had never heard of this film, knew nothing about it. I expected something of decent quality, my expectations were destroyed. Very poor acting, poor quality film. Calling it a B movie rates it too high. This is a C or a D movie. What really set me off was that the film was supposed to be set in Czech Republic, yet the police, the dam workers,the gas station workers, and everyone in the film did not speak Czech and had American accents. If you are going to make a film based in Czech Republic, at least hire Czech actors. As the movie goes on, it gets more difficult to digest and follow with interest. Probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1

Such a shame that a decent, if far-fetched, idea was wasted by truly dreadful execution. SyFy have made some tolerable movies, a lot of bad ones and an even larger amount of trash. Firequake is in the trash category and one of their worst in a long time.<br/><br/>Firequake is a very cheap-looking movie, everything looks very drab and the camera work and editing looks as if composed in a hurry. The special effects fare even worse, yes it is low budget but is that a good enough excuse for a lack of effort and the effects looking so fake and like they belong somewhere else? Not to me. The music is incredibly generic and sometimes like a monotonous drone, nothing interesting or memorable here.<br/><br/>Even by SyFy standards, the script is very stilted and cliché-ridden, with forced attempts at humour, lots of gibberish passing for sci-fi and logic, plodding and often irrelevant exposition and painfully ham-fisted melodrama. The story is dull and manages to be both ridiculous and over-serious. The idea is decent but it all feels half-baked and without any tension or sense. The characters are cardboard and even more clichéd than the writing, some managing to be annoying(especially the main teenage character), while the direction is flat and the acting is a mess of overwrought and completely disengaged.<br/><br/>Overall, had potential but a disaster all round. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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