Final Approach


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Reviewed by edwagreen 7

Wonderful action movie.<br/><br/>While it follows the usual plot line, it is excitingly done and holds your interest every step of the way.<br/><br/>As usual, we see a guy getting fired for becoming too zealous during a shooting at a cult, only for the guy to reemerge in a hijacking of an airplane. We get the pilots knocked out or dead, a young excited stewardess who can become the center of attention. A coronary patient who succumbs to an attack from all the excitement, a doctor not allowed to help the patient due to racism, dissension among the hijackers, are they there to make a political point or are they just a bunch of crooks out to clean out a bank?<br/><br/>With all the usual plot lines, this film works due to the excitement which is generated.<br/><br/>The cast is perfect and of course there are always people available who can land the plane.

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Reviewed by auhabib 2

To me movie is just a bit better than awful! the movie is about a hijacked plane that is somehow cliché these days. The problem is that you see the series of illogical event through the movie that can hardly happen together in real life. the previous comments went through some of those.<br/><br/>The hilarious thing was the way the top authorities were dealing with such a terrorist attack. The movie depicted the officials as naive people that changed their mind on some unreliable resources. You can see the authorities and important character did not control the situations but the flight attendant and Jack&#39;s wife had lots of influences and handle the that serious nuclear threat. To me it could be a good news for terrorist that the main challenge they would have is facing with some brave flight attendants and passengers over hijacking rather than sophisticated officials.<br/><br/>The ridiculous thing was that the Jack&#39;s wife was taken on the operations to fight with the dangerous villains. Imagine a lady with a miniskirt and high-heeled shoes and make-up was walking on the battlefield. Do not miss that! As nobody knows when such a scene repeats over the cinema history!<br/><br/>To me, if you wanted to tell the movie in a phrase you would say it is Bollywood version of hijacking that was made in US.

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