Feed the Gods


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Reviewed by arlenjhall 3

The worst thing I don't like about movies like this is the people don't do things that they do in real life. The entire second half of he movie I was yelling at the screen for them to stop doing stupid things. People are dying because they don't think with their brains. Nobody in their right mind would do the things that get themselves killed in these movies. For once, I would like someone to write a movie script where people do smart things and avoid stupid things that get them killed. I gave this movie 3 out of 10 for stupidity. The actors were believable in their development of the characters. The storyline was good. The scenery and film location was excellent. (my wife said my blood pressure was going thru the roof if I didn't stop yelling at the screen)

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Reviewed by chrismackey1972 4

The foster mother of brothers Will and Kris dies. Inside a box of belongings she left behind for Kris is a video labeled &quot;Casablanca.&quot; There&#39;s no &quot;Here&#39;s lookin&#39; at you kid,&quot; movie on it though. Instead, it&#39;s a home movie of sorts. While Will is watching it, he notices a man and a woman in the video are the same as the people in a picture that was also in the box. The people turn out to be Will&#39;s and Kris&#39; parents that the boys never knew. As anyone would do who never knew their parents, they decide to waste money and time going in search for these perfect strangers. The boys set out on a road trip to a town called Tendale in search of their parents, and Brit - Kris&#39; girlfriend - goes along for the ride. Along the way, they stop at a gas station, and Will picks up a book about Big Foot. I guess you can see where this is going.<br/><br/>The group stops at a bed &amp; breakfast lodge where they meet a couple who says they&#39;re there in search of Big Foot. Will finds out that there&#39;s a legend stating many in the town&#39;s past were taken by &quot;a Wildman.&quot; They go on a trek through the forest, and the review stops here. I don&#39;t wanna give away any spoilers.<br/><br/>I gave this a 4-star rating. It certainly wasn&#39;t great, and as far as Big Foot movies go, I&#39;d have to say this is very inferior to The Lost Coast Tapes. However, it wasn&#39;t awful or unwatchable. I wouldn&#39;t want to see it again, but for what it was, it was good enough.

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Reviewed by sukhaloka 7

The Gods must be fed, to keep the remains of the town of Tendale from being destroyed. Who or what are these Gods, who would not spare even an infant unless he possesses a &quot;green ticket&quot;? How are these tickets obtained? Why does a dark shadow linger on the faces of the townspeople? These are the questions that Will Oates, a somewhat psychologically unstable fan of director Werner Herzog, accompanied by his hotshot- young-lawyer brother Kris and Kris&#39; girlfriend Brit, finds himself trying to answer as he searches for his biological parents in the remains of this town that nestles deep in the heart of the Canadian Taiga. Beautifully detailed (and quirky) characters, witty dialogue and spine-chilling atmospherics add to Croft&#39;s fictional history of Tendale. The plot is both poignant and intricate, and requires generous use of the &quot;seek&quot; button if you don&#39;t want to miss the finer points! For the seasoned film buffs, especially those who enjoy delving beneath the surface of the movie, &quot;Feed the Gods&quot; is truly a treat.<br/><br/>PS: I don&#39;t know what the other reviewers were thinking. They could have been expecting some blood-gore-scream extravaganza, or they might have confused a mentally unstable protagonist&#39;s irrational actions with plot holes. Either way, put your expectations from big- budget films aside while watching this. It&#39;s worth the effort.

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