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Reviewed by keith-801 10

This documentary is aimed at those people who are curious about their health and what they eat. Presented in a way that quite entertaining and not too dry!<br/><br/>There is so much nutritional mis-information around it can be very tricky to try and make any sense of it all. Sadly, in my opinion, &#39;Nutritional Science&#39; doesn&#39;t really exist at the moment. So many highly qualified experts disagree with each other. All this tells me personally, as a reasonably well read lay person, is that these opposing camps can&#39;t all be right, or wrong I guess!<br/><br/>Most professional health-care people are bound by their professional bodies to keep to a script, so can&#39;t really be trusted or expected to support anything outside what they are told or guided to do. Thankfully this is slowly changing as the &#39;Wisdom of the Crowds&#39; is really passing them by, at an every increasing pace as individuals find out what works for them.<br/><br/>This movie / documentary will give the open-mined person a good heads up on a certain perspective or way of eating and living. They are then free to make their own life choices and hopefully see some changes or results that may help them as an individual.<br/><br/>WARNING - once you engage with the information here you cannot un-learn!! It may well be life changing or even life-saving for some...

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Reviewed by rrdobbins 10

Living in this country where we think we have freedom, but do we? Our government has been regulating our food since the &#39;70&#39;s. In this documentary, we see how dietary guidelines and bad science has created the obesity epidemic and many of the corresponding diseases. This is a must-see film! You can change your life with this information while the world struggles to keep up.

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Reviewed by amandazz100 10

Three years ago I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes HbA1C 10.3%. I had been on a &quot; diet&quot; for years, &quot; healthy whole grains&quot; low fat, low saturated fat, little meat. Clearly it hadn&#39;t helped me, so I embarked on my own research and discovered what did. That was a Whole Foods diet, rich in animal proteins and fats, devoid of sugar, grains ( healthy whole or otherwise) without vegetable oils, without processed foods. Instead simple meals made from fresh ingredients with meat, fish or eggs as the main component. The result is I am no loger diabetic (HbA1C 5.3%) fitter than in decades and I am not going back. This documentary resonates with me because it explains how I got into the mess I did and how I and others can escape it. Chronic ill health is not inevitable - it is the food folks. BAN the beige, ditch the junk, eat whole foods and prosper - Vinnie is telling the truth.

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