Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door


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Reviewed by dkrob 9

This film is not a classic and it doesn't pretend to be. It makes no claim to deal with serious issues but it is a lovely and thoroughly enjoyable Haloween romance. For me as an Englishman it was an education in American culture. Electric cars what are they, the traffic jam in Los Angeles was the most horrendous I have ever seen, People with their national flag hanging outside their house, and the seriousness with which they celebrate Haloween all new to me. The atmosphere during the whole film I found absolutely delightful, The two young Romeo and Juliet played their parts so nicely. The 4 old stagers 2 husbands and of course Patty Duke and Shelley Long so nice and so lovely to see them together. This is not a deep film but a lovely romance. Top marks to Hallmark for making a film like this because though there are many who will find it ucky there are many like myself who will find watching it a pure joy. For me it was like going on holiday to this island but rather sad when it finished,

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Reviewed by toledohamradio 7

"Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door" is definitely worth watching just to see the scenery of beautiful Catalina Island. You do get to see quite a bit of the real island in this show, and nothing is really 'faked' there - as many TV shows tend to distort the actual area where they're filmed. Quite a line-up of talent too. Patty Duke, Shelly Long, Patrick Duffy and Bruce Boxlietner all do well. Story line is a little on the weak side, but it's still cute nonetheless. It's a good Valentine's Day story, and okay as a TV movie, but not Emmy-award winning material by any means. The lead actress is quite good and I look forward to seeing her in future movies. Overall, a good movie to watch on a winter's day. Story is a little predictable, so I won't tell you any more about it, other than you'll have to watch it for yourself.

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Reviewed by dc1-1 5

I nearly fell off my couch when I heard Patrick Duffy make the reference to Patty Duke's character in "Valley Of The Dolls"! Loved the locations - beautifully-filmed. As with many of the movies that appear on HMC, there weren't a lot of plot surprises (Neely O'Hara reference aside). The script and the direction didn't appear to require much hard work from the actors. Unlike "Dolls", Duke wasn't asked to chew the scenery. Duffy and Bruce Boxleitner were club-by friends sharing beers, golf and condescending remarks about the silly feud between wives Shelley Long and Duke. The too-friendly Avalon streets with the electric cars and the outdoor cafés on every block made it seem like a place where everybody knows your name...and there were a few moments when I was hoping that Ted Danson would turn up and set Long straight on how to resolve her issues with Duke. Just a very p-l-e-a-s-a-n-t, if unremarkable, film.

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