F*ckload of Scotch Tape


Crime / Drama

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Reviewed by SBTwo9 10

WOW...just WOW. I have yet to see a bad film by Julian Grant and this one may be the best one I've seen so far. Brilliantly shot with plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested. Graham Jenkins is phenomenal as the lead "Benji". He does a fantastic job of guiding the audience along his troubled and intense journey. Hannah Phelps is very strong as "Trish". It was wonderfully cast, but the real star of this film is writer/director Julian Grant. His vision and style is quite unique and this project is a prime example of that. He is a master at character driven pieces that still have a strong thriller and suspense aspect to them with just enough gore to keep the horror fans happy. I STRONGLY recommend watching this film.- Shannon Brown

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Reviewed by g_imdb-413-528289 7

FLOST has all the noir hallmarks you love: doom, asskickings, strip clubs, kidnapping, murder, briefcases of money, and of course a f*ckload of tape. Well, those and singing. Yeah, it's somewhat of a musical. But don't worry, it's Tom-Waits-in-the-gutter type stuff, not Marry frigging Poppins. No one's smiling here; there's no spring in anyone's step. The lead actor delivers a gutty, tortured performance, and I thought his fatale did a particularly good job. As with most small indies, there are a few ill-delivered lines by secondary characters, and the editing lost the tone in a couple of over-stylized sequences. Overall, a great, worthy addition to the genre. The film's especially impressive when you consider the director also shot and lit it himself.

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Reviewed by kathryn71-893-573483 9

Great film, this really fulfills the promise of independent filmmaking, in that it can follow or break the usual film formulas as much as it chooses to. This film gracefully oscillates between what you expect, and what bucks the trends.<br/><br/>Everything in the &quot;matches&quot; – it&#39;s completely consistent - all the details, sets, script and acting style support the tone and story that&#39;s been established . Everything in this film needs a good cleaning, as the gritty film noir coats every surface. The only clean aspect of the film is the flawless cinematography and production element of this film – the focus of every shot is perfect, the lighting is brilliant, the blocking, the sound, the editing. The script is beautifully paced and the actors are all totally committed. Again, a lot of indie films look and feel sloppy, but this film demonstrates that you can make a beautifully crafted film without the bloated budget.

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