Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile


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Reviewed by jokeritt 8

People forget that Ted Bundy had a plea bargain for only life in prison with no death penalty. He refused it at the last minute which shocked the judge. I still like the 2002 Bundy film with Michael Reilly Burke who also did a great portrayal of Bundy. This is Zac's serious role for once and shows he is a great actor unlike some of his poor comedies.

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Reviewed by andymaranam 8

There will always be controversy, expecially where a true story of a serial killer is portrayed. E.g. Monster, played by the Oscar winning Charlize Theron, who completely changes her image to fit such a role.Zac however, does not!.. As the person he is portraying is a perfect fit! in many ways..(kudos to berlinger) & does not glorify Ted bundy, but rather the opposite, it finally! correctly portrays why he was so successful in having this double life, as he could charm anyone! and why no-one could/would believe he could do such a thing until his quick decline, also extremely well put across in this gem of a film coupled by a great cast, who all show their worth. But Zac, was awsome! bringing his charismatic ways too a very eerie fit. Whilst also claiming him in the big league's as to his diversity in acting. Yes Its been done before, & quite a few times.. but not as good! This movie is not just for Zac fans! But pls remember this is not a comedy or a musical. Its a very well put together, true story, of a master manipulative serial killer.. coupled by a very! compelling court battle. All in all.. a very good watch! & a solid 8.5/10

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Reviewed by d_cancelliere 9

Saw this the other day at the CIFF and enjoyed every moment of it. Berlinger (Director) does an excellent job telling the story with flashbacks and real time moments alternating between the two. Love how this wasn't like the typical murderer movie, he has a different take on it, showing different viewpoints than the typical, don't want to say too much about it. Zac did a great job as Bundy, very hard role to pull off but he delivers a great performance. He may be too good looking and innoncent to play such a evil Ted Bundy, but that shows how good this kid can actually act. You have to look at him as a actor you haven't seen before to not be biased, forget that he was a Disney star and see him for a actor you pretend not to know of. People who are complaining that they fantasized Bundy too much do not know what they are talking about because Bundy was EXACTLY how they portrayed him. This world is just too sensitive and will raise a stink for anything that slightly offends them. Great movie will be a hit next month.

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