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Reviewed by galexanderp 3

This movie starts out as a very realistic and engaging story. About a boy whose dream is to become a professional baseball player. He exhibits the talent which is acknowledged by his coach.The problem is that his parents are not appreciative of his interest. They would prefer that he pursuit a more realistic goal more in line with the family&#39;s Jewish traditions.<br/><br/>The drama includes inter-family trauma involving an older brother who is suffering from deep depression and a free spirited sister who lives in California.The first 45 minutes of this movie are really great. The young actor playing the part of the main character was superb as are the parents who interact with him. When they cut to scene where he is all grown up for me the movie just fell all apart. The story line became a real bore populated with uninteresting character actors. In short it loss its soul and that was it for me.<br/><br/>Filmmakers often take on a big gamble when they try to change an endearing child actor&#39;s portrayal and transform it into a continuation as an adult and guess what it does not always work.

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Reviewed by riverdalerep 10

It is hard to describe the depth or the impact of a movie that is based on the real life tragedies that a person has endured. I found this film to be moving on so many levels. Across the board the acting was inspiring - particularly being a cast of mostly unknowns. They all found a way to tap into the heart of the story. We don&#39;t see films these days that are as personal and touching . This one deals with family issues that are difficult, complicated and tragic all at the same time. It is a worthwhile film and deals with subjects that are, sadly, close to home for far too many people.

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Reviewed by jjdab 10

Heart wrenching movie that takes you into the life of a young boy who overcomes his unimaginable family drama by pursuing his dream.

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