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Reviewed by kaefab 1

This movie is atrocious, just the way its film cheap, it does not look cheap it is, must have been made on a super micro budget.<br/><br/>Tina from Friday the 13th new blood is in this maybe 10 minutes of less. And the other so called can&#39;t say actors don&#39;t know how to so call act.<br/><br/>Avoid at all cost, and the FX where do i start.

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Reviewed by marcusroberson-40370 9

Read the real critics reviews! Honestly, I watched the trailer and even the first 20 or so minutes of the film and I thought, &quot;oh no.&quot; But, hang in there...once the protagonist duo breaks into their co-workers house the twists and turns begin. However, unlike so many of the same old, same old types of higher budgeted films this one keeps you guessing until the BIG twist at the end. If you can sit through some exposition at the beginning the payoff is huge and I was truly entertained. The main star gives a performance that sells both &quot;multiverse&quot; versions of the character, &quot;Scott.&quot; And his sidekick, &quot;Vince,&quot; compliments his performance perfectly. The last monologue is truly epic! I am only holding off 10 stars because they could have done more with a bigger budget, but the story and the payoffs kept me guessing. Low budget Sci-Fi has a new bar to meet. Please make a sequel!

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Reviewed by rsvp321 6

Very low budget indie, basic sfx, but a sci fi plot that depends on viewers with imagination. Parallel universes.<br/><br/>What it excels at over Hollywood is: no social agendas, no identity politics, no pandering to special interest groups. Just entertainment.

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