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Reviewed by fingertwized 2

After watching this I can't help but wonder if Netflix is desperate for content. But then another part of me is motivated. It is quite possible I can compile all my family videos from our vacations, add some acoustic guitar to the mix, and submit it.

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Reviewed by preacster23 1

It's a movie about uneducated hipsters who try to kill their poor dog.

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Reviewed by tomcompaijen 1

If this movie was scripted and played by actors, it would have been absolutely brilliant. Two priviliged hipsters slowely killing their dog. They're so self centered and spoiled that things normal people would call 'events' they call 'setbacks'. This animal version of Bonnie and Clyde think the whole world spins around them. While German, they talk English during the whole movie because they think their life is so important it's worth sharing with the whole world. Watching if feels like being forced to watch an hour and a half homevideo of your boring friends holiday. There are no storylines, scenes are unrelated to each other. The couple is egocentric, totally not interested in other people or cultures, and painfully stupid and naive. This movie had nothing to do with film making. At random moments they have put on their camera, so while they say they had a great time with people they met, we see no emotional connection at all. This movie made me terminate my Netflix account. I really don't know why I watched it till the end, probably because I like complaining just as much as this couple.

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