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Reviewed by andyunderhill72 8

This is not a film I&#39;d tell anyone to enjoy. It was definitely made on the cheap (the commentary track said $3500) by an obviously small group of people. More people than I think usually work on low budget stuff, based on all the stuff I&#39;ve seen, but a small group nonetheless.<br/><br/>Getting the negatives out of the way first, there&#39;s some pacing issues in a couple of parts. There&#39;s a few jokes that swing and miss. If you&#39;re looking for sick gore, this film (while being extremely bloody) doesn&#39;t get into too much of the gory chunky bits. Not all of the shots look great and professional. And some may not enjoy how simple the plot can be at times.<br/><br/>Although to me, that last part is great.<br/><br/>This film does an interesting take on the slasher genres for several reasons. One that I liked more than the others was the fact that, albeit one or two exposition scenes that describe the CONCEPT of the killer, we don&#39;t get to actually &quot;meet&quot; the killer. We don&#39;t know his motivations or why he&#39;s doing this. While some would be let down by this, wanting more explanation, I appreciate this angle. Because characters in the movie outright state the obvious point of it, &quot;Who cares? He&#39;s outside with a machete!&quot; The motivation and purpose doesn&#39;t matter, we really only know as much as the main characters (which isn&#39;t much). The script is about them, not the killer.<br/><br/>Which is the other thing I loved about this film. The script is sensational. These guys did a GREAT job writing what I think is a pretty interesting plot filled with really funny characters while turning slasher tropes upside down throughout (in ways I don&#39;t want to spoil). There&#39;s a lot of characters in this movie but I never felt over whelmed. Not only that but the movie never seemed like it was preaching to me about what characters to hate and which to love. All of the characters, as weird as some were, were all given a great amount of screen time and I was allowed to root for who I wanted to live.<br/><br/>Aside from the two pacing issues (one exposition scene and the &#39;party&#39; starting a bit too late for me) the movie is a fast, fun roller-coaster of bloodshed. There are plenty of laughs, well written dialog, and plenty of blood. Whenever you feel too much time is passing, they throw in an extra kill out of nowhere. Which was confusing to me only at first until I realized the killer was literally wiping out everyone around the group of kids before getting to them.<br/><br/>This film is not horrific. It&#39;s fun and funny. While it does have a few serious dramatic moments, I feel these are heightened by the comedy. There&#39;s a real story underneath all the wackiness of a guy who loves eggs (a lot), a serial politician, and strange fetishes; dramatic moments in the midst of this shows why we care. I think a dramatic scene in the middle of comedy holds more ground than a &quot;more dramatic&quot; scene in a &quot;drama.&quot; When everything is sad, how does one tell which moment is supposed to be the sad one? Here, you know when you&#39;re supposed to stop laughing and care (although the amount it affects people will vary, I know some people will be annoyed by leaving comedy completely even for a few moments).<br/><br/>Everyone Must Die! is a surprise treat I wasn&#39;t expecting. If you like low-budget indie stuff, I think this is a good example of what a tiny amount of money can accomplish with the right people working hard on it. I&#39;d give this flick an 8/10, I had a great time with it.

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Reviewed by voe-41650 8

As a fan of bad movies (I have a set of drinking rules to enjoy them with) I went into this with low expectations. I very much enjoyed this one. The plot, though a little contrived at times, flowed along nicely. there were a few, &quot;well that doesn&#39;t make sense,&quot; moments, but on the whole it was easily followable.<br/><br/>The plot follows a very hot open, a guys sister gets murdered and his friend kills the killer. Should be the end, but apparently not. Turns out there is more than meets the eye, and maybe there is a pattern being overlooked.<br/><br/>I&#39;m not gonna spoil a film in my review, but there are some really smart jokes, some not smart jokes, and enough nudity to carry it. perfect &#39;B&#39; movie stuff, while being filmed by HD cameras, and with someone that actually knew how to use a boom mic.... mostly.<br/><br/>Great fun, would definitely recommend.

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Reviewed by jedispyder 10

I grabbed this movie on a whim and very pleased that I did. I always go into no-budget horror movies with low expectations and this far exceeded them! The script is great, lots of fun banter back and forth between the characters that &quot;feels&quot; normal. I&#39;ve had trouble with some horror movies where the dialogue seems forced, is full of clichés, or doesn&#39;t allow characters any substance. Not here! The dialogue captured is just everyday material, things that you could easily say yourself. Not all dialogue was used to propel the plot but it wasn&#39;t fluff either, it was natural.<br/><br/>There were several scenes that completely shocked me because I did not expect it at all. Usually I&#39;m good at predicting what is going to happen in a movie but not here, I was completely caught off guard! I definitely like that in a movie.<br/><br/>Even though it feels complete on it&#39;s own, this movie can easily have a prequel or a sequel. There is room for things to be explained or continued. After I finished the movie, I automatically wanted more out of the series. Not everything is explained but enough was explained to leave you satisfied.

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