Everybody Wants to Be Italian


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Reviewed by drewandburt-1 9

I didn&#39;t know what to expect when I went in to see &quot;Everybody Wants to Be Italian,&quot; I knew it was romantic comedy that was centered around a relationship between two people who are not Italian, but pretend to be because they think that&#39;s the other one&#39;s ethnicity.<br/><br/>Jake is the owner of fish store who has been stalking his ex-girlfriend who is now married with three kids, for the past 8 years, he even thinks one of the kids is his.<br/><br/>His employees(John Enos, John Kapelos, Richard Libertini) who are also his therapists/partners in crime decide to take some decisive action and fix him up with a beautiful girl named Maria,(Cerina Vincent) who they think is Italian.<br/><br/>The plan works to some degree and with the support of his other friends around Boston, including Penny Marshall in a brief cameo, they are able to get Jack to see the light and pay attention to Maria. Lot&#39;s of good one liners to keep the audience laughing throughout, most of the theater had full belly laugh out loud moments, which was good to hear.<br/><br/>I credit writer-director Jason Todd Ipson for keeping things simple and true to the natural process of dating and life, the girls always want what they can&#39;t have. Really easy on the eyes is Cerina Vincent as Marsia, who manages to shine despite typically being cast in horror films. This one is much better than advertised and one to watch this fall.

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Reviewed by day_zmitchell 7

Not too much pasta and sauce on this plate but plenty of fun inside the shell&#39;s. I wouldn&#39;t call this the best romantic comedy I have seen over the last 2-3 years but what it had for me was a refreshing blend of ingredients that didn&#39;t upset my stomach. A good blend of old and new from a cast that worked well on screen together. Once I got past the notion that this guy Jake, was held up on the same girl for 8 years, I was fine. The scene when Jake was with all the educated Harvard types and he broke down his business model was a fun twist, we got to learn that this guy was more than a good looking frame. I have seen critical reviews the last three days and I for one just don&#39;t see where they are coming from, I&#39;d suggest you get out and see the film for yourself. I don&#39;t know how much the title hurts the film, but I certainly don&#39;t think people should take it so literal, it would seem that the writer wanted to express that everyone wants to be passionate, needed, and in search of a sole mate?

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Reviewed by lebowskiunderachiever 2

I attended a screening of this movie. It was wrought with clichés and very unfunny jokes and set ups. I think the other comments were by people who must&#39;ve worked on the movie or been family members of the cast. I&#39;m amazed this movie cost $3-$4 million without any real stars. Where did the budget go? It obviously didn&#39;t go to writers for re-writes. Nice thought to bank on the success of Big Fat Greek Wedding, but a major miss. There was little or any spark between the main characters and the inciting incident was a bit flimsy at best. The direction was uninspired and looked like a student film.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t even know what it means Everybody Wants to Italian. Is that a real saying. I&#39;ve never heard it.

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