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Reviewed by hvonpaulus 10

Powerful heartfelt trauma of a family dealing with tragedy. Fabulous film of a courageous way to cope with loss. A must watch.<br/><br/>My love and deep respect to all involved.

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Reviewed by almanac-39178 10

The film tells the story of the director&#39;s younger brother, who suffered from schizophrenia and committed suicide years earlier. It follows his family as they, after years of not talking about it, resolve to open up and let their dead loved one back into their lives. They do this while camping and hiking through various beautiful parts of the British countryside.<br/><br/>There&#39;s a lot here most people will be able to identify with. How we refuse to talk about difficult subjects, when really talking&#39;s what we need most. How difficult death and grief are to deal with. And also how blame and guilt can linger after a person&#39;s suicide, however unwarranted those emotions may be.<br/><br/>I found some of the film difficult to watch, purely because it&#39;s such a real, personal story. And also because the family in question is so genuinely lovely that I just didn&#39;t want to see them in pain. But ultimately the film is heart-warming as well as sad. I would recommend watching it to anyone who&#39;s struggling to cope with the suicide of someone they love.

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Reviewed by debejere 10

This show for families in agony of death is a PERFECT 10. I am not even reading the other reviews in fear one could upset me. I usually feel that hard stabbing critics usually don&#39;t have pumping hearts anyway. They are usually robot hearts, made of steel. Without feelings. Or &quot;way out there&quot; and can&#39;t relate to normal humans. The love, fear, pits in stomachs, don&#39;t talk about it, it won&#39;t exist, just saying the name is so real. There were so many aspects of this film, anyone in death crisis can relate to. I truly thank you from the top, the middle and bottom of my broken heart for this film. It sure helped me.

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