Escape and Evasion


Drama / War

IMDb Rating 4.7


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90 min
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Reviewed by contactmaz 1

A pointless film where all the actors (???) have no idea how to act, from the main character to his silly little daughter. The plot was pathetic. This film is a time-waster!

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Reviewed by SlightlyMe 7

I really like this movie.It is a gritty, grimy, brutal perspective of a war in the burmese jungles.A passable performance by Josh McConville as the troubled soldier.It has everything in it and as such never really achieves anything. Can&#39;t help but feel it&#39;s more a Storm Ashwood showcase than film....<br/><br/>but it&#39;s a good showcase, definitely worth a go.

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Reviewed by melissahmcgrath 8

This is a very good movie depicting post traumatic stress of returned soldiers. The main Actor does a great job. Not a big American production, but certainly a decent effort for an Australian feature film. Worth a view

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