Enemy Empire


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Reviewed by kosmasp 7

German distributor strikes again. Having the rights to this movie they released this in the wake of Mad Max Fury Road, calling it Furious Road. No that&#39;s not a coincidence at all. Now, watching this expecting anything of the Mad Max caliber, you&#39;ll be disappointed. This is a small budget down and dirty movie. What it does have though, is a wicked idea and completely insane &quot;twist&quot;.<br/><br/>I only mean that in the best way possible. If you have a heart, not only for Science Fiction movies, but low budget movies as well, you should give this a chance. The comedy might not work every time, but it does have its fair share of genuine moments (if the setting allows for that in your mind of course). The twist might be a deal breaker for most, feeling cheated and going &quot;what the ...&quot;, but it can also be just: alright, this movie was weird from the get go, let&#39;s just roll with it and enjoy it.

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Reviewed by thoregyn 5

Under the premise that this is a comedy science fiction film, I would not pay too much attention to the plot. From this point of view, the movie is very entertaining.

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Reviewed by bananamelon-07833 1

Awful! This piece of sh*t appeared in my YouTube feed and out of curiosity, I clicked on it to what what content it would feature. What I got was a blatant rip off from the mad max franchise! Throughout the first 5 minutes, I thought &#39;f*ck is this crap?&#39; Completely unoriginal, not funny, extremely retarded and a waste of time! Don&#39;t even bother searching up this stupidity of a film!

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