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Reviewed by bkoganbing 8

Although this small film kind of got lost in the wake of On The Waterfront, Edge Of The City can certainly hold its own with that star studded classic. It&#39;s another story about the docks and the code of silence that rules it.<br/><br/>Next to the corrupt union that Lee J. Cobb ran in On The Waterfront, Jack Warden is really small time corruption. But he&#39;s real enough as the gang boss on one of the docks who intimidates the other workers by being handy with his fists and the bailing hook and he gets the rest to kickback part of their hard earned money. And it&#39;s all hard earned money in that job.<br/><br/>One guy Warden can&#39;t intimidate is Sidney Poitier another gang boss and when he tries to intimidate newcomer John Cassavetes, Poitier takes him under his wing. The two develop quite the friendship and Poitier and his wife Ruby Dee even fix Cassavetes up with Kathleen Maguire.<br/><br/>Warden is truly one loathsome creature and it&#39;s sad how by sheer force of personality and physical prowess he cows almost everyone else into submission. In that sense he&#39;s tougher than Lee J. Cobb who did have to rely on an impression collection of goons to enforce his will in On The Waterfront.<br/><br/>Edge Of The City marked the big screen directorial debut of Martin Ritt who did a great job with a good cast of New York based players and spot on location cinematography. The film&#39;s low budget does show, but you&#39;re so impressed with the ensemble cast you don&#39;t really care.<br/><br/>Cassavetes as the loner with a past and the hip and tough Poitier are both fine, but my personal favorite in this film is Ruby Dee. She should have gotten some award for her performance, her final scene with Cassavetes is outstanding.<br/><br/>Catch this one if ever possible. I wish it were out on DVD or VHS.

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Reviewed by edwagreen 8

A skillfully directed film by Martin Ritt where a drifter and anti-hero, John Cassevetes lands in N.Y. to escape a tragic incident in his life, where he killed his brother in an automobile accident as well as going AWOL from the army.<br/><br/>Cassavetes, always an intense actor, shows grit in his portrayal of a film. Am surprised that Montgomery Clift didn&#39;t get this part.<br/><br/>Ruth White is his mother and does remarkably well in two scenes on the telephone.<br/><br/>Once in New York, he befriends Sidney Poitier as the two work on the docks. Immediately, Jack Warden, a bully and villain in this film,takes a dislike to him and tragedy ensues when Poitier tries to defend his friend.<br/><br/>Ruby Dee, plays Poitier&#39;s wife in this film, and is brilliant in a scene where she urges Cassavetes to reveal the killer of her husband.<br/><br/>This is definitely an interesting film of moral values and the loner in society. With the backdrop of tenements, the right mood is depicted in the film.

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Reviewed by ksf-2 8

Writer director john cassavetes stars as Axel, hired on as long shore-man. he meets Tyler ( the amazing sidney poitier ) and is now one of the guys. jack warden is the racist Malick, who clearly does not like Tyler. and when Axel makes buddies with Tyler, Malick doesn&#39;t like him either. Clearly, there&#39;s going to be a confrontation at some point. lots of chain link fences... we&#39;re in the heart of the city. Tyler is so relaxed, but Axel is so uptight.. so many secrets in his background. we&#39;re halfway through, and still not sure what the point of the story is... but stay on it. There&#39;s the big showdown near the end. directed by martin ritt, who also did Hud, Norma Rae, and Long Hot Summer. worked with Newman SIX times! story by Robert Aurthur. Cassavetes was a force in his own right; he will be nominated for best actor, writer, AND director. worked with his wife in so many films. sadly, Cass died young at 59. this one is good! race relations, union issues. hidden past. good stuff.

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