Earthquake Bird


Crime / Drama

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Reviewed by budgiemegz 10

#LFF2019 : An incredible look into a guilty mind, with incredible actor performance and cinematography. This film was dark in all the right places, and really captured the enigma of Lucy and her descent into chaos. The soundtrack in combination with the incredible production design all come together to create an immersive experience of 80s Tokyo, along with actor performance creating believable and complex characters (Alicia Vikander is a standout with her learning fluent Japanese for the role). All in all a masterpiece.

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Reviewed by gideonzack 9

The movie conveys your soul past and present following trauma. That's the basis of this film. I loved it from the acting to the writing. A soul broken can slowly be repaired. Every human knows this. If you're an open minded person just view it in that mindset. The lead is utterly incredible. Ex machina showed film goers her talent and they're conveyed here. Enjoy!

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Reviewed by reev0 6

A solid but ultimately stolid mystery, super competent and quite engaging but with no flair and a lacklustre ending. Seen it all before, albeit in a different setting. #LFF

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