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Reviewed by jfrentzen-942-204211 8

In this brooding sci-fi police procedural, David Matranga plays Harrison (or &quot;Harry,&quot; as he often called here), a melancholy cop in an alternate Earth where America has become a Russian outpost following a nuclear war, an apocalypse that also released previously unknown creatures, Dropa, from the ocean&#39;s depths that humankind subsequently almost completely wiped out. The &quot;almost&quot; is the hook on which DROPA hangs, as Harrison spends the movie seeking a renegade surviving Dropa (well played by Jason Douglas with an ironic Russian accent) that is hunting the killers of its species.<br/><br/>The movie&#39;s low-key atmosphere accentuates the noir-ish style of writer-director Wayne Slaten, who with each movie further demonstrates a fine command of the medium. His script&#39;s concentration on characterization over B-movie action adequately pulls off the ambitious alternate universe story, with its frequent flashbacks into the pasts of Harrison and the Dropa antagonist. These potent asides to the main action bring the somewhat muddy motivations of these characters into better focus. Visually, the Dropa&#39;s monstrous look is conveyed with welcome restraint, and the CGI views of a &quot;futuristic&quot; Houston (where the movie was shot) are also thankfully abbreviated and, therefore, more effective. Director Slaten accentuates the up close and personal treatment of the characters by relying upon tight closeups of his actors, further underlining the movie&#39;s intimacy. Those looking for a blown out BLADE RUNNER clone may be disappointed here, but the rest will appreciate the thoughtful plot-line, well written dialogue and decent performances.

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Reviewed by emmarainwelling 10

I first and foremost loved the composition of the shots. I believe at some point an audience or in some cases a group of friends in a theatre decide how far they are willing to peel back the layers of a film to enjoy the time spent watching a movie. Dropa has plenty of layers and the shots help us not stick to just the surface plot but dig in and see what all the bells and whistles are hiding and in this film it&#39;s more bells and whistles but with more grit and backbone than we expected. The director plays his cards well by stepping close to his inspiration of Blade Runner without crossing over to the obvious. He proves the film to be a bow to the great film noir Sci Fi while offering something fresh. I am very proud to see this come out of Houston and every bit of it was worth my time to nestle in and watch another world come alive on the silver screen. Dropa is well acted the audio is very strong the story is read well but makes you want to pick up carrots on a second watch and all and all this movie is beautiful moving art thanks in large part to the D.P. composing and balance his subjects and allowing light to dance.

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Reviewed by jb-70140 10

This is the exact type of movie we all need to be rejoicing. Most Indy films are talking-head types that try to tug on emotional heart strands to make a name for themselves, Dropa throws caution to the wind and takes on the most expensive genre in great fashion. Sure it&#39;s not a 100 million dollar film, but would that money have really mattered in the long run? What Wayne Slaten and his team did was next to impossible today. To have the production value they had, not to mention any visual effects at all, in an Indy film of this budget it so rare, and yet they have managed to pull off a film that has the production value of a much more expensive picture.<br/><br/>Cheers to the Indy filmmakers! Cherish them. Without them, then we would all just be subjected to what a few suits in Hollywood want us to see. I gave this feature a weighted 10 because it has heart and was very entertaining to me. The people behind this film are super-talented and passionate and I can&#39;t wait to see what they do next, hopefully with a bigger production budget!<br/><br/>jb

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