Drive Thru


Comedy / Horror

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Reviewed by kirk-246 7

'Drive Thru' is a very deranged comedy that seems like it was directed by some pothead like Danny Leiner.Surprisingly, it's not a bad movie.It has it's share of blood, gore, violence, and what horror movie like this one wouldn't have any humor?It's like 'Eight Legged Frieks' and 'Tremors', except the killer is not a giant spider or an underground worm.I watched this movie for free on Fearnet On Demand a year ago just to see if it was any good.For 83 minutes, I sat through which appeared to be a dumb horror movie, yet a somewhat smart comedy.If you enjoy movies about killer clowns who butcher people, then 'Drive Thru' is on the menu.Would you like some blood with your order?

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Reviewed by rajanime18 7

This is my first review on IMDb, okay here goes: So this movie is about a seemingly supernatural killer clown, the mascot of the extremely popular local burger joint (Hella Burger) he murders teenagers all of whom have some sort of connection with the main character Mackenzie. He gives her clues as to who will die next. She starts to piece together the puzzle and must stop him before he claims her life next.<br/><br/>Basically it&#39;s a comedy/horror, the film doesn&#39;t take itself very seriously and is full of random humour. You&#39;ll laugh out loud at most of the scenes. It&#39;s still a horror movie and contains plenty of innovative and gory kills. Overall, I recommend it to horror fans or anyone who has 1 hour 23 min&#39;s to spare for a few laughs, it&#39;s the kind of film you simply switch your brain off and enjoy :)

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Reviewed by Ulfman5000 7

This was about to be one of the most awesomely sh1tty movies ever made. Your generic, run of the mill, horror movie plot - dumb partying teens, the evil clown, and that one dude from Heroes that I hate. But the acting was really pretty acceptable and the script wasn&#39;t nearly as bad as you&#39;d think. There was some sort of weird, political subtext that was a bit obnoxious, but it didn&#39;t seem to hurt things too badly. The beginning was a bit &quot;Malibu&#39;s Most Wanted&quot; for my taste, (ie really dumb wigger jokes) but that passed. All in all, it has some awesomely cheesy moments, and I&#39;d say this is a must see for all fans of really bad horror movies.

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