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Reviewed by elliottcorum 8

I found this movie in the free movie database on our digital t.v. service. This is just a fun slasher movie. The slash-metal music that accompanies the kills is different than other slasher movie music, and in a good way. It complements the brutality of the murders. The dialogue for the first scene of the movie was a little annoying, but it improved as the movie progressed. I enjoyed the amusing character played by Larry Joe Campbell, and of course the leading actress, Leighton Meester, was looking very hot. There was actually a pretty good plot line for the movie to build around, and some of the murders were original for this genre of movie. All in all, I give it an eight out of ten stars. Good music, plenty blood and gore, hot girls, descent acting by the front actors, a little humor, and a [email protected] clown make for an enjoyable slasher movie.

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Reviewed by thesar-2 1

I'd like 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' patty, an order of 'Final Destination' Fries, a supersized 'Killer Klown' Kola and if you could throw in a 'Happy Birthday to Me' Meal with the 'Funhouse' toy, that would be swell. I wish I was kidding when that opening sounded exactly like what the writer was ordering while driving through a fast food joint one day and came up with the (ha) original idea for 'Drive Thru.' Incoherent scenes ? the lead's birthday was to be the next day, but ended up two days later, horrible acting and so-called fast-food jokes, a laugh-out-loud 80's dressed clown and awful music played while the Freddy Krueger copycat attacked. Yes, I'm taking it way too seriously ? it just seems to be a harmless remake of 'Nightmare' and 'Destination,' but it really could've been so much more. I'm probably just bitter for being such a huge fan of the movies it's ripping off (well, for 'Nightmare,' 'Klown' and 'Destination,' not so much 'Funhouse' or 'Birthday') and I wonder if it's any coincidence that as a fan, as well, of NBC's 'The Office' that it stars two people who has costarred on the TV show ? Nicholas D'Agosto and Melora Hardin. And as for the title, it's practically nonexistent throughout the film; in fact all of the carnage (meaning both kills as well as the mangled script) in the film is, ah-hem, sandwiched between the only two drive thru scenes.

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Reviewed by chipura 10

yeah, well we begin. I will start with the introduction for asking if any of you ever watched a b horror movie from the eighties, yes you will adore this one because the movie gives all the clichés and serious acting applies for another star for the movie, except "Larry Joe Campbell" from "According to Jim". He is really enjoying for filming a b type thriller movie(I love him). Our another star is for "Lola Glaudini" from "Groove". I am so glad to see her again. She is so into the movie.(I know they are having so much fun) Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester, she is really shocking for me such as being in this kind of a movie and I think she is a secret gem like Ed Westwick(it was an compliment). I am a fan of the b movies, especially 80s. I say if you know the bad movie history of eighties and if you have a couple of friends in same taste, you can have so much fun. this is one of the good ones in its following the 'let's appreciate and respect the genre of thrillers in 80s. My top is, yeah, comedy and horror, I say Evil Dead, which is more fun and Braindead which is more drama. I'm giving you ten because I'll be watching you. Warning! Not Stable.

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