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Reviewed by john-wmartin 7

I must have sat through this film at least twenty times, and cannot say that I was bored on any of them. My girls insisted I record it from them (on VHS) when it was on about 25 years ago, and then proceeded to watch it every Saturday morning for the next 6 months. It may be rather twee nd cute, but even now "daisy's ... they're my favourite flower" still evokes a smile from them and from my wife Predictable, happy ending - but then what else do you want from a children's film? Natalie Wood performs very ably, and the other main characters are highly satisfactory, including the lady who played the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. Highly recommended for those with small girls, and I wish they would issue it on DVD

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Reviewed by boblipton 8

When preacher H.B. Warner drops dead during a sermon, reducing the town&#39;s population to his great-grand-daughter Natalie Wood, she follows his instructions and heads out to Sodom and Gomorrah, almost getting hit by a crashing plane, being eaten by a wildcat, and rescuing a collie. They are rescued by Dean Jagger, a country doctor, who&#39;s living with his foster father, druggist Walter Brennan a small but corrupt town run by Jerome Cowan. <br/><br/>The story roams hither and yonder, involving Rocky Mountain fever, rotten kids, and a story line with plenty of laughs that eventually veers into a serious plot, a lecture on the necessity of getting your children vaccinated, and an over-the-top coincidence that saves the day at the end. It&#39;s carried by Dwan&#39;s impeccable direction, John Alton&#39;s flawless camerawork, and a cast of professionals that includes Ruth Warrick, Charlotte Greenwood, Margaret Hamilton, Hobart Cavanaugh, Alan Napier, Francis Ford.... well, Dwan had worked with everyone and could get them to come in. Lots of fun, and the dog was cute too.

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Reviewed by huttonjack 9

Remarkable how talented a child actor Natalie Wood was. Saw this on Amazon Prime- clicked it like playing &#39;movie roulette&#39; - the initial fire &amp; brimstone deserted decayed church scene is so strange but then , yeah,it&#39;s cheesy, And sweet but you wind up liking these people and rooting for them: it&#39;s got &#39;Lassie&#39; &#39;the wicked witch Walter Brennan , etc many character actors of that time &#39;. It has the happy ending you know is coming and, which in these days of superior cynicism, is oddly satisfying: they&#39;re happy. Good wins.<br/><br/>Viewing this from 2015 it&#39;s an amazing &amp; sweet time capsule I got pulled in and wound up watching the entire thing.

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