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Reviewed by emasterslake

Trunks has lived his whole life in fear and chaos as 2 Androids havebeen killing off the world&#39;s population and destroying all majorcities. After witnessing so many innocent lives, he must find a way tobring back everything that was lost and irreplaceable.<br><br>This is the full story on what Trunk&#39;s life was like during theArmegeda of the androids. As it was very little said during theTrunks/Android/Cell Sagas. You see a lot of brief cameos of yourfavorite characters as well as Gohan who plays a part in this TVspecial.<br><br>Since this takes place in an alternate future, all that you&#39;ll see inthis TV special won&#39;t affect the current time line. Well those who haveseen the all the android episodes would know what I mean.<br><br>So those who really wanted to know what alternate future of the DBZworld is like can be able to see this on DVD.

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Reviewed by Zombie-Kermit 10/10

As far as entries in the Dragon Ball universe go, this one is kind ofunique. Taking place in the alternate future of Trunks, a world tornapart by the merciless Artificial Humans, where almost all the warriorsare gone, along with the Dragon Balls, and nearly all hope. Only twowarriors remain, Gohan, now a grown man, continuing the legacy of hisfather, and Trunks, the teenage son of Vegeta and Bulma, who istraining in hopes of becoming a Super Saiya-jin.<br><br>What makes this movie truly unique in terms of the Dragon Ballfranchise, is that death has a lot more meaning here. The majority ofthe time in the series, when a character dies, it&#x27;s kind of hard to getemotional about it, because you know as long as the Dragon Balls arearound, they will likely be all right in the end. This fantastic TVspecial shows us what would happen without them. There is also no Goku,save for a small scene of him dying from a heart virus at the start.<br><br>With a run time of only about 50 minutes, there is not a whole lot oftime to go into too much depth, but it definitely tells you the storythat it intends in that time, fitting a fair amount of story into it.We get several of most intense fight scenes of the whole series, whichprobably owes to the short length, since they wasted no time on timefilling power up scenes, as the main series often did.<br><br>As usual the voice acting (Japanese) is of a high quality, withNozawa&#x27;s voice give adult Gohan a newfound maturity, and Takeshi Kusaoplays Trunks well. As far as villains go, Artificial Humans #17 and #18are brilliantly malicious and evil, treating humans as mere toys fortheir enjoyment. Being a TV Special, the animation is pretty much atthe same standard set by the series, not bad in any sense, but far fromgroundbreaking.<br><br>In the end, the special definitely has a lot to offer, and fans of theseries should definitely love it. There is plenty of intensity andemotion, and many memorable scenes. The special portrays Gohan in a newlight, very different from his usual timid nature, which has seemed toannoy some fans. Despite being a TV special, it remains one of myfavourite parts of the series, which is rare for material that hasn&#x27;tcome from Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. I&#x27;d call this one ToeiAnimation&#x27;s greatest achievements in the Dragon Ball franchise.

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Reviewed by Emphinix

This movie is really cool I rented it about 3 days ago and I couldn't blinkand it was so good. And so I learned more about Trunks before he could go tothe past to give the antidote to Goku, and see how he defeated Frieza andKing Cold. <br><br>The music intro is pretty cool because they say Dragon Ball Z with a deepvoice. Well I was eating any goodies when I was watching this movie eatingburgers and drinking some soda, and the saddest thing about this movie iswhen one of the main characters die while trying to defeat the Androids 17and 18. <br><br>This movie is the best for Trunks fans, and for those who would like to knowmore about the history of Trunks before he went to the past to give theantidote to Goku to prevent his death by a virus.<br><br>Great DBZ special I give this one a 10/10<br><br>

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