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Reviewed by Danny 2/10

After being completely disappointed with The Ool, my friends and Istuck in The Shaft only to be completely delighted (ouch, bad one). TheShaft (or Down,as it was apparently called at one point) follows theexploited elevator industry as the poor machines have to fight offbabies and blind men and roller bladers.<br><br>The Shaft is a perfect fit for anyone who wants some fun. I mean, lookat that cast! It's B-movie heaven. Watching Ron Perlman's impassioneddefense of the elevator industry is golden, and Naomi Watt's 'acting'is once again fun to watch. <br><br>The pacing is the real villain in this flick, as it drags on withuseless characters and stupid tangents when elevators killing peoplereally should have been the sole focus of the movie. <br><br>The climactic battle between the evil elevator which includes, yes, arocket launcher that shoots invisible rockets, is golden. I will admitwith little uncertainty, that this is simply the bestHedaya/Herrmann/Perlman/Ironside/Watts v. possessed elevator movie outthere, and, for my money, was worth the fifty cent rental.<br><br>Rating: 2/10

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Reviewed by aimless-46 4/10

Before Naomi Watts became a big star from her excellent performances inexcellent films like &quot;Huckabees&quot;, &quot;Mulholland Drive&quot;, and &quot;21 Grams&quot;;she was delivering excellent performances in a lot of garbage movieslike &quot;The Shaft&quot; aka &quot;Down&quot;. And while her performance here does notsave the movie, it does elevate (bad pun intended) it to a viewablelevel.<br><br>The only other reason to watch this thing is to see yet another exampleof the film-making phenomenon that big is not only not better, but muchworse. Which is probably related to the human interest angle injournalism, where a large disaster cannot sustain interest as long asthe same story on a smaller more human scale.<br><br>For those who don't already know it, &quot;The Shaft&quot; or &quot;Down&quot; is DutchDirector/Writer Dick Mass's remake of his 1983 classic &quot;De Lift&quot;. Oneposted comment about the original says: &quot;&#133;. looks technicallyproficient, with fine color texture, smooth cinematography ( by MarcFelperlaan ) and tight editing ( by Hans van Dongen ), elements thathelp to maintain a high level of suspense. The story clearly echoesJaws, with its obsessed hero and corrupted authority figures, who wouldrather disguise the truth than face it. Despite this movie being hisdebut, many of Maas's personal trademarks are also already in place:quick pacing, sadistic gore effects modified by edgy humor, mild satireon bourgeois preoccupations, and broadly etched supporting characters&quot;.<br><br>Apparently the title &quot;Elevator&quot; was already taken and &quot;Lift&quot; was tooEuropean for the remake he was left with two very stupid titles withwhich the distributors have been experimenting since 2001.<br><br>In the 1983 version, the elevator of an Amsterdam flat (anotherEuropean term) misbehaves badly. The elevator begins trying to crush,suffocate and decapitate passengers. Fearless mechanic Felix doesbattle with the seemingly haunted machine. But the anti-technologytwist is that the elevator has developed a mind of its own due to anexperimental 'biochip'. Felix is assisted by a magazine reporter namedMieke de Beer ( wasn't that the name of Scotty's German pen pal in&quot;Eurotrip&quot;?).<br><br>The original was shot in just 30 days with a very limited budget, thisconstrained the production resulting in an intimate story, viewersidentified with the characters and this greatly enhanced the suspenselevel. This time someone gave Maas a lot of money and he pumped up theproduction; moving it to New York, adding tons of unnecessary effects,making the elevator absurdly powerful, and geometrically increasing thesize of the cast. The Amsterdam elevator was deadly but in ways that amalfunctioning elevator could be deadly. The new elevator is like across between a James Bond story and a poor 1950's science fictionfilm.<br><br>Not surprisingly the human interest wheels fall off immediately. If youignore your strong impulse to bail and just keep watching you will seedecent performances from Watts and the from various character actorswho populate the cast.<br><br>Unfortunately for Mass, he choose New York City for this 2001 movie anddeviated from the original by throwing in some misdirection aboutterrorists being behind the elevator accidents. There is even a lineabout the first bombing of the World Trade Center. Apparently this wasembarrassing enough to insure that there was no theatrical release.

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Reviewed by azdelsol 8/10

You know, people will probably bust up this movie, but it was reallyprettygood. It had a bit of a far fetched plot, but it was funny in places andthe gore wasn't bad. The bit when the elevator chopped off the guy's headwas a decent effect -- slow motion and relatively seamless. And the factthat they had references to terrorism in a NY skyscraper -- before 9/11 --was pretty cool. Even made reference to the 93 attempt on the WTC and toBin Laden -- a while before the actual event. Eerie. At least someoneoutthere connected the dots. I'd rent it again.

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