Doom Room


Horror / Mystery

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Reviewed by dibarnes-98855 1

I wouldnt waste your time watching this...i tried to give it s chance bug had to switch it off...pure rubbish in my opinion

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Reviewed by stevesky-39082 7

Anyone who gives this less than 5 and all you idiots blasting this film... really? I doubt if you have a brain cell between you. This is no big budget hollywood horror. If that's all you watch this isn't for you. But what it IS is a well written and well acted piece of art that has an above average director at its helm. To make an engaging film set in just one room is hard enough in itself but to draw good actors into the mix on a very very very small budget is even more of a talent. The subject matter is very fetishistic, playing with themes of bondage and S+M a bit too much for it not to obviously be the directors own fantasy come to life. That said it is intriguing and entertaining enough to keep you watching for 90mins to see the outcome. Just don't watch it with your mum. Passing note to all the 1,2,3,4 star idiots, you have no Buisiness reviewing movies at all. Keep your views to FB.

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Reviewed by troma_freek 6

Doom Room (also released as Nightmare Box) is a low budget British surreal horror movie directed and co-written by Jon Keeyes starring Debbie Rochon. A girl with amnesia (Johanna Stanton) wakes up in a locked room with no exit and no recollection of how she got there. Inside this room our Jane Doe finds herself taunted and abused by her captors and a series of paranormal entities who keep her from learning who she really is. This movie is like a hybrid between a fringe play and a b-horror movie. Doom Room is a bit slow and not without flaws, but an interesting take on the captivity horror sub-genre.

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