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The Ultimate Guide is a documentary on 50 years of Doctor Who as it looks at the Doctors and other aspects that Doctor Who has become known for. The Ultimate Guide has been served well by the framing scene of the Eleventh Doctor and Clara, the then current TARDIS team as the Doctor lost his memory and it sets up this documentary to discover who the Doctor is. The interviews are very enjoyable and it was quite a sight seeing the contrast between Karen Gillan as Amy in the clips and talking as herself for this documentary. The contrast is that when she was Amy, Karen had long hair but when she was interviewed for this documentary she has short hair. That is because at that time she had recently had her long hair shaven for her role as Nebula in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I love Karen and I love seeing her in the clips and speaking as herself for this documentary. This demonstrate her great beauty. Every sight of Karen is beautiful and I love her very much.

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