Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot!


Horror / Western

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Reviewed by dinky-4 6

There are good moments and touches of atmosphere in this western but the plot's too muddled to pull things together. Tomas Milian seems to have been cast for his "beefcake" appeal and, sure enough, he winds up stripped to a loincloth and tied to a cross inside a jail-cell for a bit of torture that's obviously meant to evoke religious parallels. (The question is, where would a man in frontier America get such a peculiar undergarment?)

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Reviewed by Samoan Bob 5

Tomas Milian stars in this dark Spaghetti Western that starts beautifully and then devolves into a meandering mess with the occasional scene of gore thrown in to liven it up. Instead of focusing on the main character (who is never referred to as Django...greedy distributors) the film gets lost in boring sub-plots and in turn he is so short-changed in terms of screen time and character development that he becomes a non-entity (and when Tomas Milian is a non-entity in a Spaghetti you've got a problem). There are occasional flashes of surrealism that have a real artfulness to them, but unfortunately you've got to slog through scene after scene of crap just to get to them. Skip this one and be glad.

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Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 7

&quot;If You Live, Shoot!&quot; offers an intense diversion for fans of the Spaghetti Western. It goes on for quite a long time, and gets dull on occasion, but it&#39;s also noteworthy for its content. It&#39;s on record as one of the most utterly nasty of all SWs, with plenty of bright red movie blood and depictions of sadism.<br/><br/>It&#39;s actually not particularly surreal most of the time, telling a rather linear story of The Stranger (Tomas Milian), who was double crossed by his partners in a heist, and shot &amp; left for dead. The opening credits see him emerge from his grave, and two Indians (Miguel Serrano and Angel Silva) witness this. They vow to stay at his side and assist him, under the condition that he tell them what it&#39;s like on the &quot;other side&quot;.<br/><br/>However, this isn&#39;t really what you would call a revenge saga. Soon, The Stranger is getting caught up in greed and corruption in a small town known to Indians either as &quot;The Field of Anguish&quot; or &quot;The Unhappy Place&quot; (depending on which version you&#39;re watching). He gets involved as a few warring factions try desperately to lay their mitts on the gold snatched by The Stranger &amp; gang.<br/><br/>Co-writer / director Giulio Questi (&quot;Death Laid an Egg&quot;) takes his time telling the story, but does populate it with some enjoyably despicable villains, such as Oaks (Piero Lulli), Hagerman (Francisco Sanz), Sorrow (Roberto Camardiel), and Bill Templer (Milo Quesada). There&#39;s an especially fun comeuppance for one of them. Add to that an atmospheric score by Ivan Vandor, two beauties (Patrizia Valturri and Marilu Tolo), and a sense of mysticism, and the results are generally agreeable. The handsome young Milian has charisma sufficient enough for one to remain invested in his character. Ray Lovelock of &quot;The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue&quot; fame also appears.<br/><br/>Good entertainment overall, and worth a look for any SW completist.<br/><br/>Seven out of 10.

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