Divorce Invitation


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by Greg 2

You know how sometimes you are watching a movie and you are wondering, how did someone involved with the production not see that there are significant shortcomings. This is one such movie. The cast isn't all bad, Elliott Gould is excellent of course, Lainie Kazan has seen better days, Nadia Bjorlin has something weird going on with her eyes (apparently she is from Days of our Lives), Maeve Quinlan and Robin Riker (both from The Bold and The Beautiful according to IMDb) look and act like soapie actors. Jonathan Bennett in the lead as Michael is all over the place. Andrea Bowen (Julie from Desperate Housewives) is quite good, and Keith Robinson as Michael's best friend is probably the best in the movie. The wonderful Richard Kind has a very small but good part. I should mention Jamie-Lynn Sigler, she is very good, but her character is not likable, and the presentation she is giving early in the movie in a college lecture room is ridiculously banal. Embarrassingly so. Stuff just doesn't make sense, the internal logic (even for a rom-com, and we like rom-coms) is in tatters, and the script is very poor indeed. On the plus side, the movie is well shot - at least it looks professional. But, it just isn't any good. I can only give it 2/10.

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Reviewed by Ram Sai 8

The movie has good romantic comedy and sentiment. I liked the movie very much. The story is closer to everyone's life after few years of married life. We should encourage upcoming actors with the best stories like this. everyone acted very well. I recommend to watch the movie. Jonathan Bennett, Nadia Bjorlin acted very well. I liked Jamie-Lynn Sigler acting also. Only thing I didn't like is the college time love story. The characters replaced with someone else. They would have taken with same actors. They look same age, not much age difference with current age but replaced with different people which I felt little weird. I don't see in many theaters but my feeling is it should run in more theaters.

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Reviewed by andrew-ebnj 10

I don't know why this movie got such poor reviews. I thought it was very depressing and realistic. I think that this movie should've won many awards because it taught many viewers, especially me, to enjoy life, and not take things for granted. I was crying by the end and it was so good to know he made his gut decision and stayed with Dylan!!!! I think that too many people don't see life in the bigger picture. There are people everyday watching you and you have to think before you act and this movie teaches you to think before you act so it doesn't hurt anyone else. In my lifetime, there has been many tough decisions I had to make that were related to this movie, and I really appreciate it being put on the big screen for everyone else to appreciate Very Good Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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