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Reviewed by solitudeape 1

I doubt I can add anything to the comprehensive list of reviews below. What claims to be a documentary is actually a full length infomercial on Todd and his business which is to bring people into the woods and expose them to bigfoot. As a believer in sasquatch, I came into this wanting to learn more. Instead, I watched a man desperate to get attention to how cool he is blather on. I wondered at times if he is in on the joke after one too many scenes of him running around like a weekend commando and listening to audio of him chastise himself for not finding focus properly. I learned absolutely nothing but that bigfoot can steal 2 hours of my time and I can do nothing about it.

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Reviewed by tim-92074 5

I can only believe that this is a mockumentary, a well done one, but still made up. This is the 21st century, there are so many methods available to people nowadays that this guy could have used to gain positive evidence of the existence of bigfoot, so why doesn't he have it? As previously stated give us some tangible evidence, DNA would be irrefutable, the videos just don't look real, no facial movement at all, looks like a mask, sorry.

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Reviewed by shaunvanhaelewijn 2

First things first. Yes, I believe that there could very well be living Sasquatch out there. Now we&#39;ve got this out of the way, let&#39;s focus on this &quot;documentary&quot;.<br/><br/>The introduction goes almost on for 10 minutes on how well Todd (the film maker) is trained in everything, while you see him running in full sniper camouflage gear/suit. This all topped with some cheap music to create some false suspension. I was crying and laughing at the same time. At times I just wondered if all of this was one big joke, and some college kid made one of the best parody comedies ever. I wish...<br/><br/>This documentary is based on some bad crappy footage of supposed to be Sasquatch. And some close ups who look very real (I must admit) and actually could very well be something significant. This said and done, you would expect the documentary maker would take his claims further and will try to hunt for better footage than he already has given. Wrong. What he does is take you on a boring 1 hour 30 minute journey, showing you every footprint he claims to be Sasquatch. Suddenly every noise that was made, is produced by a Sasquatch. And when you think this couldn&#39;t get any worse, he starts talking about how he is supposedly being followed very close. And he even starts to draw out paths, and even describes how many Sasquatch are following him, and how they look like. Sadly for the viewer, not one shred of film footage is given, backing this up. To back up his claims he involves two professors. Everything he does is just put pressure on this two people. Just at the point it&#39;s not even funny anymore. He lacks total healthy self criticism. This documentary is clearly made by a fan boy, desperately trying to prove that this things exist. Nothings else matters.<br/><br/>Todd is probably a great guy. And I believe he is a great enthousiast, and I hope he will one day find the smoking gun, that for once can proof their existence. But for the love of god, never again make a documentary. Please?

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