Dirty Dealing


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Reviewed by dgosset-828-807085 6

Nice boobs and Ass and girls its whats its all about, but a good story.

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Reviewed by kpiedra-83249 6

This movie is essentially a titillating version of Oceans 11. I will say the fact that the movie can an actual story line and really neat breakdown of how to take money from a casino was cool. A lot of time and research was put into how casinos work, the gaming aspect and the relationships between dealer, gambler, pit boss and casino management. Its obviously not 100% accurate but not too far off to make the premise unrealistic. The acting is not great and its not a softcore movie but its also not bad.

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Reviewed by sandcrab277 3

Madsen always plays these types of roles and he does it well, so well, it makes you feel good when he gets put down ... the sob story is a good one but not well thought out because there are hospitals that take on hardship treatment cases .. then of course, there wouldn't be a need to rob the casino

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