Dino King 3D: Journey to Fire Mountain


Animation / Action

IMDb Rating 6.0


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11/11/2019 2:20:29 PM

90 min
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Reviewed by StrayFeral 10

I saw this title on Google Play Movies one week ago. The movie is very good, my five-year-old son loved it. The movie very much resembles Disney&#39;s original &quot;Lion King&quot;, but the time is prehistoric and the main characters are a Tarbosaurus family, when only the little one survives and the movie follows his adventure trough the ages to become the king of the jungle.<br/><br/>Very good movie, the story is good, very good visual effects, great dinosaur computer models and animation. First dinosaur movie I see from South Korea, but I hope they make more like this one!<br/><br/>Some dinosaur fight scenes might scare some kids, so I would say tell in advance your kids something to prepare them. My son is now 5 and he is used to watch dinosaurs, so he was fine with this.

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