Devil's Domain


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Reviewed by namitamhatre411 1

I love to watch horror movies and only started watching this because some website mentioned the IMDb rating for this as 7.4 instead of 3.3. I knew the movie sucks after watching it for like 15 minutes but I have this thing where I can't leave a movie half- watched. Just want 90 minutes of my life back! My suggestion - save your 90 minutes!

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Reviewed by subxerogravity 4

Loved the concept of he devil, and loved the girl playing the devil (Everything I always expected).<br/><br/>It&#39;s a relatable story about teen outcast who makes a deal with the Devil to make her pain go away in the most horrifying way.<br/><br/>Rap group, Onyx seems out of place in the movie. Not that the kids today would not love Onyx but you&#39;d think they would select a younger group of rappers from the kids era to go to a concert to go see.<br/><br/>The music all together in this movie seems like a huge distraction. It does nothing to help the story and it&#39;s not blended in the background so you notice it and it does not make the film go smoothly.<br/><br/>Felt like a homage to Troma films then it took itself too seriously to be that.<br/><br/>The deaths started out campy but the the movie ended with a serious undertone of evil.<br/><br/>Too all over the place made it kinda dull instead of interesting.

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Reviewed by luna-07440 9

Great Horror Flick with a very good female lead. It has a nice dreamy effect and the soundtrack is awesome. I do think this is Jared&#39;s best by far. The reaction by the bystanders while the girl gets plowed by a truck is classic. The scene with the Bass Metal project Luna 13 is very cool yet the opening chainsaw scene was epic.

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