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Reviewed by DSchryer 8

Sadly, remakes of successful movies are seldom as good as the original films. Destry -- director George Marshall&#39;s remake with Audie Murphy of Destry Rides Again, which starred Jimmy Stewart -- is one of the rare exceptions. No, Audie Murphy was not a better actor than Jimmy Stewart. But, given a good script and good direction, Audie Murphy was a far better actor than his many B movies would lead one to expect, and Destry was one of his best performances.<br/><br/>The fact that director George Marshall chose to remake his black and white Jimmy Stewart hit, Destry Rides Again, in Technicolor with Audie Murphy as Destry clearly indicates that Marshall felt his original film could be equaled or improved upon. And, in this viewers opinion, he was right. Both the original and the remake are good westerns but, if one can get past bias toward Jimmy Stewart -- and his co-star Marlene Dietrich -- and evaluate the movies purely on their merit, I believe that Audie Murphy&#39;s Destry is the better film. At worst, it is at least as good as the original and deserves to be recognized on its own merits.

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Reviewed by ashew 7

I&#39;m a big fan of Audie Murphy, but even I willingly admit that most of his movies are mediocre at best. That being said, AMC has been running some Audie Murphy movies that I&#39;ve never been able to see before...and much to my surprise, I found myself thoroughly enjoying &quot;Destry&quot;! Whenever the studios cared enough to surround Audie Murphy with top-quality supporting players (such as Thomas Mitchell, Edgar Buchanan, Alan Hale, Jr., and Lyle Bettger in this film), Audie&#39;s performances always rose to the level of those around him. Everyone is good in this movie, with very little of the over-acting that was the style then.<br/><br/>I saw the Dietrich/Stewart version many years ago...I&#39;ve never liked Marlene Dietrich and never understood what the big deal with her was, but Jimmy Stewart tops the list of my favorite actors, so it surprises me that I honestly can&#39;t remember a single scene from their film. The Murphy remake, however, has some really nice moments that have stuck with me. I&#39;m sure I&#39;ll offend a lot of people by saying the following, but Mari Blanchard has more beauty and sex appeal than Dietrich ever DREAMED of having. Mari Blanchard is absolutely stunning in this film.<br/><br/>As for the technical end, I found the directing good, the script devoid of the usual brainless dialog and plot holes that many B Westerns of the time seemed burdened with, and the score was not intrusive. People seem to think this is a comedy, but it is is a Western with humor in it...there&#39;s a difference. The humor is derived from the real situations, but never descends into broad comedy with pratfalls and nonsense.<br/><br/>Many Audie Murphy films are good for a single viewing and can be forgotten, but &quot;Destry&quot; is definitely worth repeat viewing. If you run across it, I highly recommend checking it out...there is good stuff throughout.

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Reviewed by Spikeopath 7

Destry is directed by George Marshall and adapted to screenplay by Edmund H. North and D.D. Beauchamp from a story by Felix Jackson; itself suggested by the novel Destry Rides Again written by Max Brand. It stars Audie Murphy, Mari Blanchard, Lyle Bettger, Thomas Mitchell, Edgar Buchanan and Lori Nelson. Music is by Joseph Gershenson and cinematography by George Robinson.<br/><br/>When the sheriff of a small frontier town is shot and killed in mysterious circumstances, mob boss Decker (Bettger) and the crooked mayor (Buchanan) appoint the local drunk, Rags Barnaby (Mitchell), as sheriff. Thinking it will be easy to control the town now, Decker is surprised to learn that Barnaby has sent for help in the form of Tom Destry (Murphy), the son of a famous hard nosed lawman. However, when Tom arrives, he isn&#39;t exactly the all conquering macho lawman the town were expecting, in fact he doesn&#39;t even carry a gun!<br/><br/>OK, when judged against the James Stewart/ Marlene Dietrich starring Destry Rides Again from 1939 (also directed by George Marshall), this Audie Murphy led remake is standard stuff. The third attempt at adapting Max Brand&#39;s novel (there was also a Tom Mix version in 1932), George Marshall&#39;s movie has good production values, is well represented by the cast and all told is an amiable way to spend an afternoon. Three songs light up proceedings: Bang! Bang! If You Can Can-Can and Empty Arms (words and music by Herbert &amp; Hughes), while the Technicolor is gorgeous (check out those costumes) and the final gun play is very well staged by Marshall and his team.<br/><br/>Sadly much of the picture is spent within the confines of the town, with a number of dialogue based scenarios that come off as samey. This means we miss out on ample usage of the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, location exteriors. Yet in the capable hands of Marshall and Murphy it rounds out as a safe recommendation to B Western fans. 7/10

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