Destination Gobi


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Reviewed by Slim-4 6

This film has the feel of a documentary as sailor Richard Widmark frets at his role at a remote weather station in the Gobi Desert and yearns to get a ship under him again. Ultimately, he returns to the sea in an unexpected fashion.<br/><br/>The relationship between the sailors and the nomadic Mongols is a crucial part of the film. The nomads are credibly portrayed as human beings who are neither all good or all bad. The film gets high marks for its portrayal of the Mongol culture. It would have been so easy for the film to show people who looked like the Native American Indians Hollywood films are so comfortable with. The Mongol yurts have a realistic look and the film truly succeeds here in portraying a different and likeable culture.<br/><br/>There is little action in this film, but that&#39;s really not a problem. The unusual and probably unique story line more than makes up for it. The ending is a little hard to believe, but remember that anything is possible in films. Enjoy it.

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Reviewed by Spikeopath 7

Destination Gobi is directed by Robert Wise and written by Everett Freeman. It stars Richard Widmark, Don Taylor, Casey Adams &amp; Murvyn Vye. <br/><br/>&quot;In the Navy records in Washington, there is an obscure entry reading &#39;Saddles for Gobi.&#39; This film is based on the story behind that entry--one of the strangest stories of World War II.&quot;<br/><br/>An odd story makes for an oddly entertaining yarn as Widmark and co troop across the Gobi Desert after a Japanese air attack on their weather station base. Other problems exist too, as the Mongol tribe they have befriended may not actually be friends. Poor Widmark, he&#39;s a Navy man out in the desert and the motley crew under his command are getting rather restless. <br/><br/>Amazingly based on a true incident, tho we can safely assume there&#39;s much poetic license used by the makers, Destination Gobi has a nice blend of action, drama, adventure and comedy. The cast work well as a unit and run with the oddity of the plot, while Wise directs with customary assuredness. It&#39;s not one you would sit thru too often once viewed for the first time, but while it&#39;s on it&#39;s never less than engaging . 6.5/10

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Reviewed by theghettodweller 8

I saw Destination Gobi in 1953. I looked for a copy of the movie for years until I was able to get it on DVD. I have watched this movie several times since, and enjoy each viewing.<br/><br/>I differ from some of the more critical reviews. Too often the reviews come off as the &quot;want-to- be movie critics&quot;, who seem to nitpick this and that. They fail to recognize that some movies are meant for just entertainment. Destination Gobi falls into this category. It wasn&#39;t meant to become Movie of the Year, nor to compete with Gone With the Wind.<br/><br/>I have most of the war movies made in my DVD library. World War II created many Hollywood opportunities in creating movies, along with governmental approval to boost patriotism. And, Hollywood produced many, some great, others poor. Movie goers liked some, disliked others. It&#39;s just a matter of one&#39;s own personal view of what they&#39;re looking for in a film. If it&#39;s for their desire to have an opportunity to become a pseudo-movie critic, then so be it. I watch movies for entertainment

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