Deck the Halls


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Reviewed by ovaga1 10

It's wonderful to see a sentimental, funny, Christmas film with romance, Santa, elves and reindeer. For a change Christmas wasn't marginalized. In a way, it is reminiscent of "Miracle on 42nd Street". A perfect holiday movie for young and old alike. Great family experience. Loved the music. Actors Steve Basic and Josh Hayden's performance were touching. A great duo. The dog was funny-especially in the street hockey game. And Rudolph- I can't remember seeing him in a movie for a long time.Gabrielle was a bit harsh as a character, but in a typical Scrooge tradition. Inspiring message. Look forward to seeing it every year!

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Reviewed by sedgeford 10

If you want to spend a couple of hours with a wonderful, family film that warms the heart and makes you laugh at the same time DECK THE HALLS is it. Great acting by all. Pretty cool to see Steven Culp in this (being a fan since 13 days). The story is basically of a woman (played convincingly well by Gabrielle Carteris)lost her husband to a car accident that is spending the first Xmas without him. Her son is doing his best to brighten up the holidays. They have relocated to her parents home town getting a job at her fathers toy factory. She is hardened by the reality of losing the love of her life and confronting her first holiday season without him. She is slowly warmed over by Nick, played brilliantly by Steven Bacic, a consultant helping the company increase sales who also happens to be her neighbor. Being tired of the lame blockbuster scripts, this one is very well written and the delivery of the lines comes off in a genuine, often touching way. Well done.

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Reviewed by lmtrutt 10

This movie was very heart warming and I think Steve Bacic is fantastic actor and hope he will get more good parts like this and become more well known. Wonderful movie for the holiday season. Loved everything about this movie but especially Steve Bacic. Enjoyed the elves playing around. Seeing Raindeer in a movie again especially Rudolph. This movie is one that the whole family will love and enjoy for years to come. The dog was also a great part in the movie. Some scenes were very touching and some made me laugh. I totally recommend this movie for one and all!More movies of this type need to be made! Enjoyed the wild colored clothes that were worn by Steve Bacic but especially the Santa outfit. It made me believe in miracles again!

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