Death Zone: Cleaning Mount Everest


Documentary / Adventure

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Reviewed by The_Boxing_Cat 10

After watching this film I have lost all respect for people who have touted having made the summit.In the future, ALL climbers should be heavily taxed and all their gear should be weighed- if they leave anything on the mountain, then they should be heavily fined in addition.<br/><br/>Excellent film.

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Reviewed by e_gareth 7

Great footage, amazing what they are trying to do. Hated how dramatic they tried to make it. I think anyone knowing a little about climbing Everest would know how reliant climbers are on Sherps and how difficult it is. To me this painted what they do in a less favorable light. They are the heroes of the mountain.this treats the audience like idiots just show what it is. Climbing Everest is dramatic enough. Don&#39;t edit and over narate. No need!

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