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Reviewed by Motopsycho2 8

I got to see this movie during the Seattle International Film Festival. I had no idea what to expect since this movie didn&#39;t even have a trailer yet. My expectations were low but I was pleasantly surprised.<br/><br/>The whole haunted house plot has been done countless times before but the execution is so perfect that gives the movie a sense of originality. Also this movie is genuinely funny! My theater burst into laughter many times and there are lot of memorable lines in the script. The great pacing is one of the main factors that makes this movie quite entertaining from start to finish.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t know who Tony West is but this debut feature shows he has potential and I&#39;ll be interested to watch his next movie. I only knew Chris Geere out of the cast beforehand but everyone does an exceptional job in performing.<br/><br/>Plot: 5/10Screenplay and dialogue: 8/10Acting: 8/10Cinematography: 7/10Effects: 7/10Pacing: 9/10Overall: 7.3/10 - Highly Recommended!

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Reviewed by haskel-72951 10

Works on every level. This is the best horror comedy since Tucker and Dale. It&#39;s been a long time since I&#39;ve been this pleasantly surprised.

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6

I had not even heard about the 2018 movie &quot;Deadtectives&quot; before stumbling upon it here late in 2019. It sounded like an interesting horror comedy given the synopsis, so of course I ended up sitting down to watch it.<br/><br/>First of all, I must say that the movie and the storyline had lots of potential. Ultimately, director and writer Tony West just didn&#39;t really capitalize fully on this and the movie ended up less than what it had the potential to be. And that was a shame.<br/><br/>That being said, I am not saying that &quot;Deadtectives&quot; is a bad movie, because it most definitely isn&#39;t. In fact, &quot;Deadtectives&quot; is actually enjoyable and entertaining for what it is. Just a shame that there was so much squandered potential here.<br/><br/>The storyline is about a fraud ghost hunter film crew that are sent to Mexico where they come face to face with a very real and very dangerous haunting.<br/><br/>The characters in the movie were nicely fleshed out, lots of quirks and details to them, which was a nice thing. And they had some pretty talented actors and actresses to perform the various characters and roles, which definitely added to the enjoyment of the movie.<br/><br/>As for the special effects, well they were good. And that certainly worked quite well in favor of the movie, no doubt about that. Now, this isn&#39;t a gorefest movie, so don&#39;t expect an orgy of guts and mayhem. But the special effects team made good use of the effects, and they served their purposes quite well, without slipping into being gory.<br/><br/>I found &quot;Deadtectives&quot; to be an enjoyable and entertaining movie, and it definitely lived up to what I had expected it to be. Just a terrible shame that they squandered so much potential, because this movie could have been so much more.<br/><br/>I am rating &quot;Deadtectives&quot; a very solid six out of ten stars. Is it a movie that you will watch more than once? Hardly so, because the storyline doesn&#39;t really have enough contents to it actually.<br/><br/>As for the ending of the movie, well... Personally I didn&#39;t like the ending, because it just became too much of a &quot;Ghostbusters&quot; rip off at that point. But aside from a lousy ending, then the movie is definitely good and watchable.

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