Deadly Exchange


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.1


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Reviewed by patswhatsup51 5

I'm sorry. I'm not one to take time out to voice my opinion about such tripe. The storyline is not so bad. But the acting is horrendous. Especially the dimwit who plays the part of Chloe. The actors' lines are delivered half-heartedly. Yet I continued to watch this cheesy excuse for a movie. Kind of like not being able to take your eyes off a train wreck. Which is quite an apropos analogy.

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Reviewed by kmartensen 3

Awful storyline was matched by dreadful acting. Started with an interesting exposition, but began to fall apart as the film progressed.

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Reviewed by asrichmond 10

I liked the movie. Good story line. Not your typical Lifetime movie and I watch quite a few! The only problem I had was I did not like the actor who played the mom. I think it was the inflated clown lips that made her not look normal. I don't know why women ruin their faces like that.

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