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Reviewed by stephenabell 5

Everything about this film screams averageness. From the story: A woman abused by her first husband vows never to be a target again for any man. After fighting back and killing her abuser Ruby Asher (Hartley) finds herself on the road of greed. Lying to herself that she&#39;s doing this not just for herself but for her daughter, Amanda (Deveaux), as well, she starts to drain all the men in her life of their money. Though as time goes on, she finds she has to go further to get what she&#39;s owed by these undeserving men... so she results to taking their lives as well as their money. However, her latest victim leaves most of his fortune to his daughter, Teresa (Wilson), so now she will have to pay for taking the Black Widows hard-earned dues. The hardest thing to swallow is that Amanda doesn&#39;t know the truth about her mother... though the new Step-Daughter cottons on about one second after hearing her daddy&#39;s dead.<br/><br/>This is your basic Black Widow tale with a slight twist. Though, it&#39;s not a big enough twist to take the story or film out of its mediocrity.<br/><br/>To the acting: which on the whole, isn&#39;t anything special. I like Gary Chalk, who briefly appears in this film... and it&#39;s so quick that his skills have little effect on the proceedings. I first saw Sebastian Spence in Ceder Cove and thought he was brilliant with his character in that. Even in other films and series, he&#39;s been a decent actor and I have enjoyed his performance. Here he starts off well and even has a little in common with his Ceder Cove character... however when he changes character, I found him a little flat in emotion and personality. Even Hartley fluctuates in her portrayal of Ruby. Though I have to say, when she&#39;s in tough and devious mode she&#39;s at her best. She doesn&#39;t appear concerning enough when she&#39;s playing at doting wife and mother. So it&#39;s unbelievable that neither her husbands and daughter don&#39;t know her plans... or at least question her noticeable mood swings. The two that stood out to me was Jim Shield as rancher husband, Daniel Nash, and step-daughter Teresa Landon played well by Brittany Wilson.<br/><br/>Once again, as is the case with many a TV Movie the direction is pretty basic and standard for a thriller. More tension and atmosphere would be welcome, as would a change of pace, and a few nice camera shots. Come on guy&#39;s, let&#39;s show some artistic film-making temperament once in a while. When the story is average at least try to keep the audience interested with the directing.<br/><br/>This is a one watch movie... preferable when all other entertainment is exhausted and it&#39;s bad weather outside or you&#39;re laid up ill.

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Reviewed by chakotay-70770 10

Yes, this is the lesson that every man should heed before taking the marriage vows!! What an eye-opener this film turned out to be... I was not expecting much initially. However, I decided to analyze the story - as it unfolded - with an open mind.The lack of reviews impel me to take time to add another one myself.<br/><br/>Before I know it, I am gripped by the powerful, magnetic- but twisted - personality of the lead female star. She is enchanting and bewitching, and she has the knack of bending any man around her little finger. She ALWAYS gets her man. She never misses her target!!. Any wise man will not look at a stunning woman in the same way, after watching this film. Don&#39;t take my word for it....check out this seductive olive-skinned foxy lady for yourself!!

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