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Reviewed by justplainbutch 1

This supposed creature feature is the lowest of low budget fare. Poorly directed. Poorly written. Poorly acted. Dialogue that neither advances the plot nor reveals character. Talking heads and empty desert take up the majority of the film. And the "creature" consists of a few POV shots bathed in red light. Worst of takes FOREVER for the first kill. Halfway through the movie I found myself watching just to see if it could get any worse. The answer is yes, yes it could. To sum up, I'd rather contract typhoid fever from a shark bite than ever watch this movie again.

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Reviewed by jimm-01125 10

I appreciate movies like this. Getting stranded in the desert with a crazy beast hunting you down wouldnt be fun.

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Reviewed by mfusco1 9

Great film. Glad I watched, and enjoyed the suspense! A must watch. Always great to get a chance to support the indie genre. If you like a road trip movie, turned horror, this will be the perfect match. The acting is what you expect for this genre, while still keeping the story alive. Well... almost alive... And don't forget, it has Cathy Baron who everyone loves from Justified. I was able to rent it easily on amazon, and just have a late night thrill. It is shot well, but pretty traditional for the build up to the "shock" moments, but that is what you expect. Editorial also falls in line with the genre. I would recommend this film if you enjoy a simple story, with the right kind of horror.

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