Dead Draw


Crime / Thriller

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Reviewed by Marco_From_Tropoja 4

The premise of this revolves around a big cash heist committed by a gang of 4 guys with information provided by an information broker. Whilst looking like it goes off smoothly things subsequently don't go to plan. The story set-up seems solid, if nothing new. However, soon the movie revolves around being stuck in one physical location (one large indoor space) which makes it a bit boring. To compound this the movie then begins a flashback narrative on each character (more than one for each character), moving back to the present time and back again. This jars quickly as nearly 40-50% of the movie must in the end be composed of these flashbacks and it takes your focus and interest off the main story. It does redeem itself a bit at the end but I found that this mechanic was a fail for me and makes the movie a lesser product as a result.

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Reviewed by ejonconrad 7

This is a movie about a gang of thieves is put together to rip off a drug cartel who keep their money in safe deposit boxes in a nondescript bank in the Midwest, and of course &quot;things go wrong&quot;. I hope it&#39;s not a spoiler to say it&#39;s basically a non-Tarantino version of Reservoir Dogs.<br/><br/>It&#39;s well acted, and they do keep you guessing, but like most neo-noir movies, you can&#39;t think too hard about the characters&#39; actions and motivations, or you&#39;ll realize they&#39;re doing a lot of things that don&#39;t make sense.<br/><br/>I wouldn&#39;t have paid money to see this at the theater, but it was a decent way to pass an hour and a half on a plane.

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Reviewed by Amadio 8

On the surface, the premise of bank robbers falling out with each other as time pressure builds is not particularly original. Yet Dead Drop manages to bring something fresh to the genre. Well plotted and filmed, the pacing is excellent as flashbacks filling in the characters and tense action in the present time intersperse and blend well with each other. Dead Drop is well acted, each character believable and understandable. The music is appalling, so bad it must be deliberate; discordant, miserable, something to get away from, just like the participants and situation. Most of the scenes are extremely well shot and there is a lot of tension in some the scenes that are held for that extra moment. While nothing truly remarkable, Dead Drop is better than most and well worth the effort to see.

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