Day of the Warrior


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Reviewed by schrockn 7

Easily a terrible movie, but also extremely funny. This has become a classic among me and my friends because it is so bad. There are moments when you can&#39;t help bursting out with awkward dialogue and gratuitous clothes changing. Elvis Fu is a virtual bevy of ethnic jokes.<br/><br/>The dialogue is so bad it&#39;s entertaining. I quote:<br/><br/>&quot;Back in Kansas, it&#39;s so flat, when your dog runs away you can see him for THREE DAYS.&quot; &quot;Wow, that&#39;s flat.&quot; End of scene. Just one of many awful exchanges. I recommend it.

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Reviewed by MichaelM24 7

Some direct-to-video action films aren&#39;t half bad. Some are so bad they&#39;ve given DTVs the reputation they&#39;ve developed. DAY OF THE WARRIOR falls in the latter category. I was working at Blockbuster Video in 1997 when this movie hit the shelves. As soon as I saw the cover (featuring two girls whose outfits looked like it could barely contain them while they each held some big automatic weapons), I knew I had to see it. Forget about a story. Heck, forget about intelligence. This film is about some of the most physically-endowed girls I&#39;ve ever seen trying to stop a terrorist (who looks like a WWF reject) from doing some evil plot. I don&#39;t even remember what the guy was up to, and it&#39;s probably just as well. This film has nothing going for it with the exception of a good dose of flesh and gunfire. Shae Marks is hot, and deserves a special award for being not one, not two, but three of the best things about this movie.

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Reviewed by gridoon 5

After a break of two movies, Andy Sidaris takes back the directorial reigns from his son Christian, but by this point his &quot;Bullets, Bombs and Babes&quot; series has devolved into complete camp (the climax is a private pro-wrestling match: Julie Strain and Gerald Okamura vs. Marcus &quot;Buff&quot; Bagwell). Undeniably there are some funny lines and situations in this film (the Asian Elvis impersonator, the owl that gets blasted with a shotgun, etc.), but some of the action scenes are embarrassingly bad, and the padding to stretch the movie to 90 minutes is all-too-obvious (Sidaris spends about half the running time showing us how the characters travel from point A to point B). The new member of the female cast, Shae Marks, has a gorgeous face, a beautiful smile, and breasts so enormous they are more distracting than erotic. The only woman who shows some action potential is Raye Hollitt - but Sidaris drops the ball again when he sets up a catfight between her and Julie K. Smith and then has her defeated with a single punch! What a shame. If you take this film as a comedy it may get ** out of 4, but if you&#39;re looking for action subtract one star.

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