Day of the Dead 2: Contagium


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Reviewed by graymdb 1

I wasn&#39;t having high hopes for this movie when I was about to see it. However, I also didn&#39;t imagine it could&#39;ve been this bad. The acting was as if the cast was reading the script in front of you, the special effects was basically drying glue off on the skin and peeling it off (this was amazing to me when I was in kindergarten), and throughout the movie a whole bunch of philosophical nonsense is thrown at you. The movie was an hour and a half long, which could&#39;ve been finished at an hour tops. This movie was more of a prequel to the Dawn of the Dead remake, rather than Day of the Dead because the zombies in this film also ran. I didn&#39;t like the fact that some of the zombies could talk also, and the idea of certain &quot;super&quot; zombies. This movie was a nightmare and should be avoided at all costs, DO NOT let the title fool you. <br/><br/>Day of the Dead 2: Contagium is a disgrace to Romero and all his works.

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Reviewed by slake09 1

There are bad movies, worse movies and awful movies. Many of them are quite watchable, assuming that you know what you&#39;re getting into and are prepared.<br/><br/>Day of the Dead 2: Contagium isn&#39;t one of those.<br/><br/>This film is just plain lousy, as if no one involved in the production really cared about it. The special effects would make Tom Savini cringe in embarrassment. The dialog is dumb, the acting wooden. Many moments of extraneous &quot;drama&quot; are thrown in for no discernible reason. Possibly they wanted to form more of a plot than other zombie movies; if so then it was a failure. Long before you can get into the plot you&#39;re distracted by the guns that don&#39;t appear to be shooting, the too-obviously fake blood and the actors who can&#39;t seem to get into their parts.<br/><br/>Editing and direction? Nonexistent. Cuts between scenes are abrupt, without any kind of lead in whatsoever. Camera angles? Forget it. Anything at all redeemable about this movie? Nope.<br/><br/>Go watch one of the Romero movies. Even if you&#39;ve seen it a dozen times, it&#39;ll be more interesting than this.

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Reviewed by MetalChef1 1

Zombie movies are by far my favorite, but this was absolutely horrid. I was starting to dig the explanation of the &quot;virus,&quot; but it took forever to get there and then cut out before the conclusion of the movie. This is quite possibly one of the worst zombie movies I have ever seen. It may even be the worst horror movie I have ever seen (I think the remake of carnival of souls might still hold #1.) Stay as far away from this movie as you possibly can. The special effects were really cheesy. It might as well be called Night of the Comet 2. I&#39;m not knocking Night of the Comet, it was great for its time and was supposed to have comedic elements and cheese as part of it. This was a serious attempt at a movie and an absolute failure. I am furthermore upset that the listing for this movie had George Romero&#39;s name attached to it. I scoured the credits and thank god it&#39;s not there. This film is a disgrace to the legacy that he has created for his fans. There is no reason to see this film. I watch bad movies for curiosity and I love a lot of bad horror films, but this is in an entirely different class. I feel precious minutes of my life were stolen from me. Please don&#39;t watch this film under any circumstances.

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