Dave Chappelle's Block Party


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Reviewed by Anyanwu 10

because this was the sh*t! This is not a stand up routine, it is a CONCERT FILM sprinkled with Dave&#39;s personal moments interacting with folks, his love of the music and the artists. If people were expecting &quot;The Chapelle Show--The Movie!&quot;, either they are stupid, or did not watch the trailer carefully. It&#39;s bigger than HIP HOP! This was also my dream concert! It would&#39;ve been perfect if D&#39;Angelo and Me&#39;shell Ndegeocello were playing too. Then I&#39;d be in heaven. It made me fall in love with Hip Hop and good soul music all over again. Can&#39;t wait to buy it on DVD. I just hope the DVD plays the full concert performances.<br/><br/>Just hearing Erykah Badu and Jill Scott rocking the chorus of &quot;You got me&quot; TOGETHER is worth the admission price. An instant classic. Thank God for Dave Chappelle!

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Reviewed by JABKool 10

this movie was outrageously funny due to the brilliant comic Dave Chappelle. This movie also features great music and entertainment. But if you think this movie is full of Dave Chappelles wild skits like on the Chappelle Show, ill let you know right now its not. Its a documentary about him putting this Block Party together. While it does have his amazing comic brilliance in it, it is MOSTLY filled with great music. Still I loved this movie for all its aspects, the Music, the jokes, the stories, and the entertainment. With Musical talent including Mos Deff, Kanye West, The Roots, Dead Prez, the Commons, a reunion of The Fugees, and much much more, this is a must see. So many of the movies that are put into theaters are not worth your 8-10 dollars, this one is. BUT go see it knowing that its not the Chappelle Show.

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Reviewed by karthig 9

Saw &quot;Block Party&quot; at the Toronto Film Festival as a work-in-progress. You will laugh until your stomach hurts watching this film. Chappell&#39;s comedy provides the balance this film needs to serve as an entertaining reflection of the segregation and urban neglect the exists in America today. This message exists as the subtext, and sometimes bluntly, in the humour, interviews, and the music.<br/><br/>Michel Gondry did an amazing job capturing some rather beautiful images. In one shot, it lasted for only a few seconds, a beautiful young woman rocks out to Mos Def while perched on her boyfriend&#39;s shoulders.<br/><br/>Whether or not you&#39;re a fan of the music, it&#39;s hard not to be totally engrossed by this film. Plus Dave Chappell&#39;s in it!

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