Date with a Kidnapper


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Reviewed by Serpent-5 7

This films original title must be "the kidnapper" for the title credit reads "John Canon as", then cut to "kidnapped co-ed". LOL! Anyway, the film runs like a little independent film than a sex/exploitation film. Canon kidnaps a young redhead gal for ransom. But they encounter strange people who want them dead for some strange reason (reasons unanswered). Little violence, rape (but no nudity) might be cut for TV. There is hardly any talk and a lot of padded scene, so the script must be 30 pages long. Watch for early performance by Larry Drake. I don't know why exploitation film company Boxoffice international (well known for X to hard "R" films) pick this film up for there is no nudity or much in this film. Some good scene and the two leads are no bad in what little script offered to them.

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Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 7

Actor Jack Canon reteams with cult filmmaker Frederick R. Friedel for this exploitation-drama in which Canon gets to show a softer side. He&#39;d previously played an unrepentant lowlife in &quot;Axe&quot;; here he&#39;s a small-time criminal named Eddie Matlock who kidnaps boarding house resident Sandra Morely (Leslie Rivers), intending to collect a ransom from her reasonably wealthy father.<br/><br/>But as writer / producer / director Friedels&#39; story plays out, the relationship between Eddie and Sandra is developed in interesting ways. Put through more than one traumatic encounter, she becomes attached to Eddie as the two endear themselves to each other more and more. Their relationship even takes on a sexual bent.<br/><br/>The performances by Canon and Rivers are quite good, and Friedel crafts an entertaining film with some unexpected turns along the way. As we can see, Eddie dotes on his invalid mother (Gladys Lavitan), who lives in an old folks&#39; home, although their own relationship is obviously rather strained. He just wants the best for her, though. And, although she name-drops her dad in order to gain an edge, Sandra ultimately thinks that her life with her parents is not all it&#39;s cracked up to be.<br/><br/>Excellent cinematography by Austin McKinney and superior hand-held camera operation add to the visceral feel of this deliberately paced feature, which does have a somewhat episodic nature. The no-name cast (this was filmed in both North and South Carolina) is generally watchable, with Charles Elledge an amusing standout as the aged farmer. Be sure to look for &#39;L.A. Law&#39;s&#39; Larry Drake in a small role!<br/><br/>The only real problem is the ending, which is just a little too abrupt. It would have been nice to get just a little more time with the main characters. Even so, this is a pretty short film at just 76 minutes long.<br/><br/>Friedel (who also does the voice for Sandras&#39; father) has also edited his two films &quot;Axe&quot; and &quot;Kidnapped Coed&quot; into one long crime saga entitled &quot;Bloody Brothers&quot;. It&#39;s too bad he&#39;s made only a few films, as he is noticeably more talented than the average exploitation filmmaker of the period.<br/><br/>Seven out of 10.

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Reviewed by dehelms 3

You would never think that a movie with a name such as &quot;Kidnapped Coed&quot; would be so..well..boring. But, it is. There are long stretches where absolutely nothing happens! I actually shouted at the screen several times, &quot;DO SOMETHING!&quot; and I&#39;m not usually that agitated. This had so much sleaze potential and it bypassed all of its opportunities. There is a violent rape scene in the first 15 minutes, but it&#39;s ineptly staged and filmed in a slapdash manner.<br/><br/>Several other drawbacks: the girl is plain, to be kind and there is no nudity (It may have been cut-out, but I doubt it). There&#39;s also many odd plot devices which make no sense whatsoever. <br/><br/>I will say that the photography is excellent and the actor that plays the kidnapper is a fairly decent thespian. The subplot regarding his trying to relate to his mother in a nursing home oddly resonated with me since I&#39;ve had some experiences with my own mom. I hate myself for tearing up during &quot;Kipnapped Coed&quot;!

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