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Reviewed by whitecargo 7

Call it &quot;Dark of the Sun&quot; (the better title, I think) or &quot;The Mercenaries&quot;--but under any title this film moves fast. A great example of a guy&#39;s type of film where the editing, direction, and storyline all compliment one another in the effort towards a fast-paced action flick. It a raw, gritty, and satisfying action yarn. Rod Taylor is really choice in this role: he was easily in his best shape ever and utterly confident as the hardboiled mercenary leader. Jim Brown is fine as well as his sidekick. The two make a good combination together.<br/><br/>&quot;Dark of the Sun&quot; is also one of the more memorable films involving a train as a locus for the action. Train films have a charisma all their own, in my opinion, and this one is no exception. In this venue, a band of mercenaries utilizes a steam engine to blitz across the border into rebel-held territory. The story is set in South Africa and they been enlisted to to rescue citizens cut off by the revolt and also, to nab some diamonds for themselves, of course.<br/><br/>However, dont think that with this storyline its at all meatless in emotion values, or gratuituous in terms of its violence.<br/><br/>With regard to emotion, there are definitely some nice story elements and a chance for the actors to apply their skill. There are poignant little moments of humanness amid all the tumult. The characters suit, and have been devised (by the author Wilbur Smith) to correctly add balance and measure to the story. Its not all gunfire and explosions. The violence is kept within acceptable, old-school bounds and the focus is on heroism and loyalty rather than sadism.<br/><br/>There is an interesting, thought-provoking subplot to the story that eventually factors into the conclusion of the movie. This thread comes from the fact that one of the mercenaries is an ex-Nazi. As a mercenary, he really &quot;enjoys his work&quot;. But his views raise all sorts of disturbing questions about prejudice and hate and &quot;where to draw the line&quot; for Rod Taylor, who, as leader of the mercenaries, has to set an example of ruthlessness. The two develop a vicious enmity and finally go at it &#39;mano a mano&#39;. The end of the film is a surprise &quot;man learns better&quot; type of ending--but still quite satisfying.<br/><br/>The film overall is a better-than-average-quality product, and definitely a must-see guy-movie; its a 1960&#39;s action pic that does a better job of keeping you interested and absorbed than any twenty action pictures made more recently.<br/><br/>Believe it!

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Reviewed by torbjorn-4 10

This movie is my all-time favorite by far. I saw it on PBS a few years back, and had to buy it. Now whenever I get bored I pull it out. This movie just can&#39;t go wrong. Just a few elements to keep in mind: Mercenaries, an Armoured Train, a Nazi, Diamonds, Goofy UN Soldiers, a Drunk doctor, Yvette Mimeux, Jim Brown, a Moral ending, a chain saw fight, and more then a few scenes and lines that make you wonder why you never heard of this movie before. Rod Taylor is perfect for the lead role in this movie with such lines as: &quot;Why don&#39;t you put that Swastika back on....you&#39;ve earned it!&quot;...I can&#39;t say enough about this movie. The book by Wilbur Smith &quot;Train From Katanga&quot; is an excellent read as well.

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Reviewed by bwaynef 8

A nasty and terrific gem of an action movie, the best of Rod Taylor&#39;s career. Very exciting, expertly acted, and with a beautiful score that sounds like it was done by Maurice Jarre (it wasn&#39;t). Highly recommended.

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