Curse of the Scarecrow


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Reviewed by davey184 1

The start of the story was quite promising. I watched it for 50 minutes hoping it would improve. It certainly did not.The only person who deserves any credit for acting is the main character June, played by Kate Lister.The other two main actresses should be working at the checkout at Asda at best. Their performances were absolutely awful.As for the story line, I will give give you an example of how bad it was. 'All the lights in the house suddenly go off, while one of them is sitting in the bedroom. Next thing you know a torch appears in her hand as if by magic'.Truly pathetic story writing that a 7 year old could produce. Good luck if you choose to watch it. Hope you do not waste as much time on as I did.

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Reviewed by aw1963 1

...produced a two buck movie and that just about sums up this atrocious excuse for a horror movie.The acting was absolutely abysmal from everyone,which in turn tells you how bad the director is,or,how little they cared.I could go on further but really,there is no point,the entire movie sucks in every way,shape and form from beginning to end.

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Reviewed by timothyj_frasier 1

What could have been an ok "B" Horror Movie turned out to be one of the worst pieces of garbage I've ever unfortunately sat through! Hard to believe somebody actually funded this joke of a film! One good actress in the entire cast.

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