Crystal's Shadow


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Reviewed by andrewelizalilly 1

Obviously a low budget movie from the start, I saw the trailer a few month back and was hopeful it would be at least half decent, to no avail. The acting is bad from the start, the cgi is below par and it only gets worse as it goes on, think I got to about forty minutes before I lost hope and turned it off, I don't mind B movies, but this is more like a c grade, save yourself some time and avoid this garbage.

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Reviewed by silvermistvio 2

Crystal&#39;s Shadow is the only film so far which I don&#39;t know how to write review. Literally, I don&#39;t know what to say. Not because the film is so perfect. Just because I don&#39;t know what to say.<br/><br/>The film is so confusing and I don&#39;t know what&#39;s going on for the nearly ending. At the nearly end, I just realised what this film was all about. A simple alien invasion, but they made all those craps and so, it&#39;s very difficult to understand.<br/><br/>That being said, they could make it scary and exciting. The film itself doesn&#39;t have anything scary, but because of how it presents, I was so scared to watch some scenes. And in some scenes, yeah, it&#39;s a bit exciting.<br/><br/>One more thing I want to mention is the screenplay. Some of the lines are very simple and very easy to guess what the characters were going to say. If they could improve the screenplay, it&#39;d be better.<br/><br/>The cameramen are the worst. In some scenes, I could see that their hands were shaking. When I saw those scenes, I felt dizzy. That makes the film bad, and sometimes, even worst.<br/><br/>All in all, the film seems to be a good one, but it&#39;s not that much. They left some facts uncovered. It&#39;s like a low budget film. Just one time watch only.

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